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Field of white dandelions BL

Chant for 7 Ghosts


First for the five Oaks–

a Pentacle of trees.

Found inconvenient.


One for North,

South, East and West.

One for Earth,

Fire, Air and Water,


And a fifth for spirit.


Removed by a neighbor,

for the leaves they shed.



Next the great Oak

Who dropped acorns.


Torn of his mighty arms,

and cut down to earth.



And last, sweet lady,

A black-limbed Hawthorn,


Wore a cloud of white each May,

but to no avail,

she was in the way.



Sing for them!

Do they find root

in some other realm?


Do we? With them?


Plant them in your heart,

where their leaves,

acorns, shade, presence

take root and spread!



 Poem: Sarah Fuhro
photo: Bruce Lhuillier

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