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the Sabian Symbol* for the Sun in Cancer, July 4/5

Sunset through gate of trees BL                                             photo: Bruce Lhuillier

Fulfillment in transcending and changeless wisdom.    

This beautiful picture  of a sunset looks toward the Northwest, but if you turn from that setting Sun, and face the darkness of the Northeast on this day, you will look into the ‘transcendent and changeless wisdom’ of the moment.  ‘The Wise Old Man faces the great Void, that apparent Darkness which is an intense Light invisible to our senses.’  This is the Sabian Symbol for the Sun as he faces the Moon in eclipse.  How do we find the inner light, unless we are brave enough to go into the dark?

Crystal altar with antler BL

Cancer, The sign of the Sun, celebrates home and family, Capricorn, the sign of the Moon is about order and structure.  This might  be a reflection of the political dynamic  in America as the country ricochets between forces of repression and the long overdue cry for justice and compassion.  A vision of a better way to structure our society and a long hard look at our country’s history of terrorism is finally being heard.   The powerful combination of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Pallas Athena, all in Capricorn, the builder,  and all in retrograde screams for reparation.  Some say a deep and irreversible change is in process.  Clearly nothing works any more under the old system.  And it will take the powerful dreams of everyone to find the new way, which allows our species to survive our own destruction.

Tiny bird egg                              photo: Sarah Fuhro

This combination of retrograde planets is not going away any time soon.  I haven’t even mentioned Eris, Queen of Chaos, who is in square to all this slow moving  heavies in Capricorn.  This time of deep transformation will continue with new twists and turns form a long time yet. A new vision must look back to what has been, and understand: a choice between money and human life; the ‘bottom line’ and the Earth is not a choice.


Mars and Chiron have combined in Aries….the new warrior is the healer, the doctor, nurse, the epidemiologist.  How did it happen that a pandemic which takes our breath away coincided with the strangulation of a man by the authorities supposed to protect human life?   And since black life has been strangled and repressed in every way  since America was founded, why was this outrage finally seen and notated and resisted, at this time?    The warrior healer combination of Mars and Chiron are tightly connected to Mercury, communication.   The voice of pain and outrage will be heard.   The light cannot be extinguished.

Brighid offers light BL.jpg                          photo: Bruce Lhuillier

This full Moon in eclipse takes place on our country’s birthday, July 4.  Seems like the right mix of old reckoning and new vision is the gift.  The weather may be unkind, but I plan to climb a hill not far from my house in Natick to watch this Capricorn Moon rise and then have a bite taken out of her.  The hill is where a ‘praying Indian village’ was located in 1630.  Indians were ‘allowed’ to farm here, if they acknowledged Christianity.  How quickly the native people, who were first decimated by a plague brought by white explorers and then overrun by colonials, were swallowed into this strange vision of a New World. If we don’t learn the ways of this land, we will destroy the only home we have.

Yet the road has taken a turn.   

Sunset road BL                                     photo: Bruce Lhuillier

The outer structure may look the same, but nothing is the same anywhere.  And here we might want to take a close look at Capricorn, the sign of the Moon and her ominous companions, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Pallas Athena…the retrograde quartet of movers and shakers.  Strangely, the symbol for this very solid, earthy, cardinal sign is a fish goat.   Or is it a goat fish?   How did water get into this mix? Here is the illustration for Capricorn from Amelia Leonards.  It’s part of the astrology oracle cards we are hoping to finish this year of wonders!

Capricorn Amelia                                        painting: Amelia Leonards

Capricorn is the capitalist system, which could not, or would not take care of the American people during an epidemic. We’re just not the priority of those who have the power to make deep change for all.  By refusing to create a health system which includes everyone, the most vulnerable sicken and die in greater numbers than any other country.  The dark water,  full of piranas, represents the underside of an economy built on greed.  Every sign has a place of blindness, but the shadow side of Capricorn often affects a great many people.  The injustice of racism creates a  huge burden of sickness and death for black citizens, devalued old people, prisoners, and those institutionalized for mental illness.  The pathetic response to the virus, which includes confusing messages, corruption around masks and protective equipment  has shut down the economy, which was supposed to be invincible.  How quickly we got out of our cars, which seemed so indispensable.  The streets were empty for several months  and foxes roam suburban neighborhoods.  In a very short time, we have discovered how we kneel before necessity.   And, since Capricorn rules the knees, we can feel the Capricorn energy, which is one of blunt reality.   When things get rough,  a Capricorn Moon does not waste much time with tears , but rather, will say: What are we going to do about this?

*Sabian Symbols are verbal images for each degree of the Zodiac channeled by the psychic Laura Wheeler and transcribed by the astrologer Marc Edmund Jones, revised by Dane Rudhyar.   http://www.mindfire.ca/.
 Sarah Fuhro      The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.   For an appointment or to be notified of classes call 508 740 7039 or email her at sarahfuhro@gmail.com.
Amelia Leonards works with watercolor and graphite to create fantastical imagery.  She draws upon world folklore, mythology and her imagination  to create pieces imbued with sensitive and emotive storytelling. Throughout her work you will find an emphasis on feminine and natural elements, along with a hefty dose of humor and antlers. https://www.amelialeonards.com  and https://www.etsy.com/shop/amelialeonards.
Bruce Lhuillier Is a French artist and photographer currently living near Boston.   His ability to capture spirit in his photos and paintings is both unique and  visionary.  You can find his work on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Barknstone.















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‘A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god.’

Ghostly figure BL

photo: Bruce Lhuillier

This is the Sabian Symbol for the degree of the Capricorn full Moon. Who is the ‘veiled prophet,’ and which god is speaking?   Perhaps the god is Saturn, one degree away from the Moon. Saturn’s degree image: ‘ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods.’

forest path BL                                             photo: Bruce Lhuillier

He invites us into the darkness of the woods at midnight when the Moon will be exactly full (Wednesday in the Eastern zone of the United States). We need that darkness in order to fully experience the light of the Moon!

Full Moon from Ginger                          photo: Virginia McEachern

Saturn is very comfortable in Capricorn. The Moon in Capricorn does not feel at home, because the sign, which she rules is Cancer, on the opposite side of the chart.   She is out of her ‘element, ‘ alone with Saturn, and to further the discomfort, she is partially eclipsed. The chart has many dramatic possibilities.

Full Moon in Capricorn 2018

The degree of the Sun has this beautiful image:   ‘Two nature spirits dancing under the moonlight’! And Saturn’s degree: ‘Ten logs lie under an archway leading to dark woods,’says we must go deeper to find the magical circle where the spirit dance takes place.

Magic circle.jpg BL                                              photo: Bruce Lhuillier

Capricorn, where the Moon is in her full form this month is an Earth sign.   The Earth element is about manifestation, what we experience with the five senses. The symbol for the Earth element is a pentacle, held in the star at the heart of an apple, the pattern of the cycle of Venus. The pentacle is also a reminder that that there are four elements and spirit. And the pentacle is a reminder of our human form. We are made of the five elements and five senses.

afac82f9e232e477bc74132725a02d4f                         https://www.pinterest.ie/pin/269160515204178002/

Most occult traditions insist on our participation in the earth dance.   To be a magician is to be involved in the everyday work of this planet. Before we can step deeper into the forest under the full Moon at midnight, we must attend to the Capricorn business of earning a living in some form. We have to wash the dishes, and live with our family and community in a responsible way. We are under the rules of Saturn on this planet, but he keeps his promise: Manifestation of your desire awaits the completion of the task you have undertaken.

Goat head bas relief BL                                              photo: Bruce Lhuillier

Chiron is also in the mix of this chart. He will heal our wounds, if we accept our contradictions. We are strong and vulnerable, angry and loving, responsible and ready to run from what we know is required of us.   Chiron in Aries is the wounded warrior. He might be our impulse to seek excitement rather than the focused attention on our task we have pledged through Saturn.

circlet of green BL                          photo: Bruce Lhuillier

And I cannot ignore the role of Uranus, the revolutionary, the unexpected, the disrupter and transformer.   He is at a degree in Taurus, which connects him to the Moon and Saturn. They are all in earth signs, but he is the god who strikes from the sky. His Sabian Symbol is ‘an electrical storm.’

Halibut Pt storm clouds                   photo: Robert Fuhro

A full Moon with everything…a message from a god through a veiled prophet, nature spirits to be found if we go deeper into the dark woods and just as we are ready to grasp this promise of manifestation, an electrical storm!

This full Moon and this astrology chart belong to the whole world.   The pain inflicted on refugees fleeing terror only to have their children snatched away and lost, is not an isolated event. Each of us has a veiled prophet within who speaks truth to us, so that we can go deeper into darkness and find the route to actions, which will manifest in justice and kindness.








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