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‘Hail to thee, thou new moon,

Beauteous guidant of the sky;

Hail to thee, thou new moon,

Beauteous fair one of grace.’

from the Carmina Gadelica 


Two of Swords from the Smith-Waite Tarot deck

When people speak of the new Moon, they usually mean the visible crescent of two or three days as it sets in the West in the company of the Sun.   But when I write these Moon thoughts, it is a day or two before the moment of New, and the Moon is a barely visible sliver of light at dawn. I’m working in the dark,  blindfolded like the Two of Swords above


Two of Swords from the Wild Unkown Tarot deck.

At the moment of this new Moon, there is a fiery triangle whirling in the sky, and in our bodies.  Here where I live in New England, the heat of summer is turned up to reflect the power of the Moon and Sun in the fiery majesty of Leo; Chiron, the healer, in the Fire sign of Aries, and the Earth mother (Demeter)  in the hot sign of Sagittarius.

New Moon in Leo 2019 .jpeg

The Symbol for the degree of this new Moon speaks so beautifully of the art of transforming one element to another.

GLASS BLOWERS SHAPE BEAUTIFUL VASES WITH THEIR CONTROLLED BREATHING.   KEYNOTE: The need to involve one’s most spiritual and vital energies in the creative act, if it is to produce significant and beautiful new forms.  CREATIVE INTENSITY.

It seems we are always involved in transformational Alchemy and meditation, stasis and refinement.   To be an artist requires  persistence, with patience to balance our fiery desires.   Just as the glass blower uses fire to melt sand,  so must he also carefully control his breath to create something of beauty and fragility.  Nature does this all the time!

lilly closeup

Photo: Bruce Lhuillier

In my work as a clay artist I must cooperate with all the elements, and I have probably learned nothing else from this, except how to treat frustration with patience!    Earth is worked on with Water and Air to be the perfect consistency and then the piece is turned over to Fire, not once but twice to be finished.

Woman on tile floor.jpg

Clay tile: Sarah Fuhro

This new Moon falls close to the Fire festival, Lughnasadh, the first harvest celebration!  The fiery triangle will heat up our ritual and feast. Bread is celebrated at Lughnasadh, another slow and complicated process…with the harvest of grain, the growth of yeast, the mixture with salt and water and then the offering to Fire to make bread to sustain our bodies.  The careful control of breath (patience), is needed here as well.

Lughanasadh celebration.jpg BL .jpg

Photo: Bruce Lhuillier

A few days from now, the crescent of the new Moon, seeded tomorrow, will be shining in the evening sky. Lovely  Venus will be nearby.   Celebrate your own ‘creative intensity’ as you look up to hail the Moon.

‘She of my love is the new moon

The God of life illumining her;

Be mine a good purpose

Towards each creature in the creation.

from the Carmina Gadelica,   Collected in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland by Alexander Carmichael.

Sarah Fuhro

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‘Transformation is to see the light in yourself, and to honor it.’         Jdth Stone


dancers in the sunThis new Moon falls at the time of Lughnasadh when we honor Lugh, the light bringer.  It’s the time of Leo the lion, sacred beast of the Sun.   But the season of Lughnasadh comes with its own shadow. The Sun is king in Leo, yet, in the Northern Hemisphere daylight hours are noticeably shorter.

It’s a harvest festival, but the sacrifice of plant and animal life, which feeds us, is woven into the celebration.

It’s a traditional time for marriages, yet Lughnasadh celebrates the funeral games of Teilte, the foster mother of Lugh, she who died plowing Ireland for agriculture.

As a harvest festival, Lughnasadh acknowledges the advantages of farm life, the settled
village, the security of a more dependable food source. Yet Lughanasadh celebrationwe remember the old ways of wandering with the seasons, the life of the hunter gatherer, who migrated with the animals and plants. Lughnasadh mixes weddings and funerals, games and fire wheels and reminds us that nothing is all light or all dark.







Golden Goddess udnder a tree 4


The chart patterns for this new Moon feels light hearted and hopeful compared to the last few weeks of shock and chaos. Leo reminds us of the light we carry within, our personal Sun. Creativity and fun reemerge from the ashes and dust. Saturn adds spice with a trine from optimistic Sagittarius with the Sabian Symbol: a theatrical representation of a golden-haired goddess of opportunity.’ We become aware of resources to recover and reconfigure what may have seemed lost or hopeless.

Venus is in a Leo with a degree image of hopeful possibility:   ‘The luminescence of dawn in fire danceer solstice_Keynote: The exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle.’  

A new Moon is a seed, a possibility for a new projects, or insights. Yet it always takes place in darkness. The Moon herself is missing from the sky. The Sun and Moon are on their honeymoon.   Left to our own devices, we can dance to this Leo Moon with wild abandon. Leo says we must shine with our own light.

Take time at this new Moon, in the ancient season of Lughnasadh to celebrate all the gifts that come our way.   Something awaits each of us in the seeds ripening under the Leo Sun and Moon.

Heron in GrassThis is the Moon of Coll, Hazel, the source of poetic inspiration and divination. Nuts from the Hazel are the food of the most ancient of animals, the Salmon who lives in the pool of Segais. This is the tree of intuition as well as poetry. Divination and the power of poetry are mingled. Dowsers often choose Hazel twigs for pliancy and proximity to water. Hazel guides us to acceptance of our creative talents. We can take what the ancient knew and, like the Salmon, follow a course to sources, long forgotten. The Heron is the bird of this Moon. She stalks her food in absolute stillness. Like her, if we are patient with ourselves, we can find our creative nutrition.

Photo Credits:   Red Salamander Brudce Lhuillier
                       Dancers in the Sun   Sarah Fuhro
                       Harvest bounty   Bruce Lhuillier
                       Green Goddess Bruice Lhuillier
                       Fire Dancer Bruice Lhuillier
                         Heron in Grass Robert Fuhro
Sarah Fuhro
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