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The seed case must be broken,

cracked, perhaps by heat,

the fire of too much passion,

or the cold of no passion at all.


And then the seed must drown,

or swim in water, tears, rain, snow.

Seed swells in water,

and breaks the stiff case open.


Sun dries the seed till it bursts

with green arms and fingers.

Legs, feet, emerge like demons

the air and water take form.


Earth must swallow seed,

push against the green thrust,

and show it how to anchor

into the deep work of growth.


poem: Sarah Fuhro

photo: Bruce Lhuillier










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There is a fire, which burns,

and keeps the elements

in constant motion.


It is an old fire, eternal.

Alchemy is the work

of this cool flame.


Like a cauldron,

I contain the fire.

but I don’t stoke the flame.


I feel the molten soup

as it transforms

and shifts in color.


poem: Sarah Fuhro

photo: Sarah Fuhro

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