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lepiotaI have been waiting for this full Moon with curiosity, excitement and anticipation! It has a heavy footprint on my own chart, and will be felt by all of us as a universal moment of choice. Early Sunday morning the full Moon in Aries will shine her light on a powerful set of planetary players.

The Moon is close to the earth at this full Moon. This is sometimes called a ‘Super Moon.’ We can expect high tides in the ocean and high tides in our inner seas!

This highly energized (Aries) Moon will settle on Uranus and Eris who have come together, to set the tone for the last year, and will continue to create surprise and the need for creative response. ‘How high can you jump’? and How high can you jump, if you are not in balance?  might be the theme of this combination.

Uranus was the first planet discovered by telescope, and so has a connection to technologyfull-moon-in-aries-2016 in astrological language. The discovery took place during the French Revolution, which changed the Western mindset, from a long established agreement of feudal hierarchy to a belief in the unlimited possibility of human potential. Uranus is seen as a planet of individuation, an activator of each person’s identity, which goes beyond family, nation, religion. An occult revolution also took place around that time, and astrology transformed into a method of understanding our individual identity.

Now Uranus brings us together as a human race through the communication possible on the Internet, and astrology is once more focused on larger issues than the individual. Uranus is called the higher octave of Mercury. How will I listen to another level of wisdom, during this Uranus connection to the full Moon?

stone-headHow will we each communicate what we hear? We need both sides of this full Moon opportunity, the balance and deep understanding of Justice is the gift of the Libra Sun, and the vital energy and stamina of Aries Moon.   Sun is consciousness. Moon balances direct light with reflected light, an opportunity to see what we cannot see in the luminosity of day.

The Sun’s sign is connected to Venus, the Moon’s sign belongs to Mars. The two strands of energy, male and female, Yin and Yang bind together the Universe, and are stretched tight. The message is to combine the two impulses and reap the benefit of their combination at this precious moment in time.

The close companion of Uranus is Eris. She was discovered in 2005, and named for the sister of Aries. It was Eris who threw the Golden Apple into a gathering of goddesses and caused strife between them over who was the most beautiful.

The meeting between Uranus (the revolutionary) and Eris (goddess of discord and chaos) gives us the opportunity to think in new ways, perhaps to begin redefining what it is to be human. The full Moon turns our eyes toward the combination of these two, highly energized planets and how they can be understood and accessed for transformation, if we are conscious of their potential.

Mars and Pluto are in conjunction, another indicator of great potential for violence or for birth! Can we hold this much energy without chaos and violence? The potential for healing is indicated in the lunar nodes. They suggest we focus upon healing at both a universal and personal level.

Is it possible to empty ourselves of fear and anxiety; blocks, which do not allow us to see possibility or to live to our greatest potential?  Ceres, the Earth Mother is up there with the Moon, Uranus and Eris. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon’s degree (23° Aries) gives a clue to the gifts available to us: Blown Inward By The Wind, The Curtains Of An Open Window Take The Shape Of A Cornucopia.’   The Sabian symbol for the Sun’s degree (23° Libra) A Butterfly With A Third Wing On Its Left Side‘ says a third awakening is imminent. If we accept our energy and potential creativity from this passage towards our evolution as children of the earth, we could celebrate this time under this Moon into a dance of universal growth and peace!


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Heading: Bruce Lhuillier
Lepiota: Robert Fuhro
Stone Head: Robert Fuhro
Setting Sun Dancers: Sarah Fuhro

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