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Sun Face .jpg BL                 photo: Bruce Lhuillier

We have a very powerful full Moon on July 9, when Sun and Moon face off across the chart with formidable companions. The Sun in Cancer is fast approaching Mars. The Moon in Capricorn is about to contact Pluto.   The energy available from this combination will reverberate in different ways for each of us, but when we know the intensity of the moment in this lunar cycle, we can embrace and apply the power of the drama played out in the sky, reflected here on earth.

Full Moon in Capricorn 2017

The Capricorn Moon’s close connection to Pluto is about the truth which cannot be buried. Pluto is the god of the Underworld. He alone did not dwell on Mt. Olympus. He had his own kingdom, sometimes the home of the Dead, or else the place of dark mysteries. Only those ready to do battle with the dark side of themselves might enter.   Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 when the financial system in much of the world collapsed due to the games played by those in charge of money matters. As Pluto has continued his slow grind through Capricorn, a zodiac sign enmeshed with business and government organization, we are all learning a lesson in the power of greed to destroy whatever we love most. At this time we face proposals to take the thin medical coverage from those who have the least, in order to give tax breaks to those who have the most. These are Pluto’s and Capricorn’s themes. Pluto and Moon show us the terrible truth (Pluto) of who we are on the home front (Moon).

Car bits beast BL     photo: Bruce Lhuillier

Capricorn is an earth sign and the truth of what we have done to our home planet is also wrapped up in Pluto’s slow passage through the sign.   Damage to the earth by humans did not begin in 2008 and will not end by 2024, when Pluto moves on, but the truth cannot be hidden during these times. The disarray in finances, governments and earth matters is in the dark spotlight of Pluto’s passage. People born during this time will be extremely sensitive to these issues and from the children of this generation, we can expect those who will find new solutions to the problems that are Pluto in Capricorn concerns.

Wood Elf in Sunglasses         photo: Megan Fisklements

And what about the Sun and his close connection to Mars?   Both Sun and Mars represent the vital force, which keeps the earth and each of us alive. As the Sun moves closer to Mars over the next few days, we can feel that pounding excitement moving through us.   The Sun shines both bright and long during this season. Mars gives it an extra boost of courage and energy. But energy and courage are neutral.   Mars is also our anger, another source of life force. Whether we recognize and embrace our anger, bury it, or turn it on those who anger us, the energy is always there.

horizontal oak leaf   photo: Sarah Fuhro

This is the month of Duir, the Oak from the Celtic lunar cycle. The word for Oak is also connected to Druids who called themselves ‘piglets’ because they at the wisdom of the Oak.  And it may also refer to the word ‘door.’ The Oak is a place to enter into the realm of plant wisdom and spirit. The Moon of Duir  falls during the Summer Solstice each year, as the Sun, in the Moon’s sign of Cancer begins his retreat from the Northern Hemisphere. At his height, the Sun withdraws from us, but leaves heat and light for the long days of summer.   Each of us is a reflection of the Sun and we contain a piece of that bright star held in our solar plexus. We can shine and share or bury our light. The light from others can be seen or ignored. The dance of the Sun and the Moon, the stars and the planets is a beautiful reflection of who we are.

Light through the tree BL                                     photo: Bruce Lhuillier

Jupiter is the activator for this full Moon. He is 90° degrees, from Sun and Moon. He is like the charioteer who holds the reins of two very powerful horses, the luminaries. The Tarot card, The Chariot corresponds to Cancer, the sign of the Sun. He is the powerful young prince who has conquered through balance, combined male and female elements within himself, released his judgment of polarities, and now he can travel anywhere even while remaining in place.   His steeds are the dark and light wisdom of the past, which is always with us. He is decorated with the Sun, the Moon in her phases, and the stars. He is victorious but never separated from Nature and his mother, the Moon.

The Chariot

The Sabian Symbol for the degree of Jupiter is ‘Circular Paths.’ This refers to the ‘vast planetary and cosmic rhythms of the universe.’ Jupiter is reminding us that when we attune ourselves to the cycles of nature and the Sun and the Moon we free ourselves from ’emotional and group tension.’ We are at peace amidst ‘circular paths.’

Circle of stones 1 BL  photo: Bruce Lhuillier

Sarah Fuhro  searhfuhro@gmail.com

Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive

The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To learn more, please visit www.sarahfuhro.com.

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A few days before the new Moon, we see her rise as a wisp in the light of dawn.   Hard to catch her on a morning so close to the Summer Solstice when light begins early and stays late. Yet this is the new Moon in Cancer, the sign most associated with Moon, and the qualities of Moon: flux, cycles, emotions, the sea, security, family. Friday, the day of the new Moon, she rises in Massachusetts just before 5:00 am and is entirely lost in the brightness of her partner the Sun.   There is a way in which the new Moon in Cancer is a secondary Solstice.   It’s all about merging with a light much brighter than her own.   Yet she is luminary quite as important in astrology as the Sun.

bas relief king musician and stars BL                        photo: Bruce Lhuillier

The Sun has reached his highest point at the Solstice. We are filled with light and heat. Animals and plants celebrate.

Sunset on Provincetown dunes                photo: Sarah Fuhro

Mercury is lost in this light, so he must speak in Moon language.   Perhaps he is the young prince in the Tarot card which represents Cancer. The Chariot is a good metaphor for the Moon who represents  constant movement and the passage of time.

The Chariot.jpg

The Sabian Symbol for the degree shared by Sun and Moon is a strange one for the gateway  of Sumer! Maybe it marks the Solstice moment with a reminder that we now enter six months of fading light. ‘ A man bundled in fur leads a shaggy deer. The need to overcome stagnation and cold during a test of endurance.’

While the season is lighthearted, the mood of this new Moon cycle is quite serious. Venus arrives in a degree of Taurus, which says the ‘test of endurance’ has been passed. She is ‘A new continent rising out of the ocean, A surge of new potential after the crisis. Spontaneity.’

Sea and Stickphoto: Robert Fuhro

Birth never comes out of nowhere. There is always a season of gestation. Will I be able to see and embrace what wants to be born in my life? Will you?

Eastern comma           photo: Robert Fuhro 

At the moment of the Solstice, the Moon occupies the same degree of Taurus where Venus stands to greet Sun and Moon. The power of the feminine reverberates throughout this chart, and Venus holds the reins.  But the feminine is always more difficult to see and comprehend. Her light is the Moon, not the bright Sun.

Burney relief.jpg

                                           Queen of the Night1800 and 1750 BCE Mesopotamia

Venus  is in a relationship with the lord of the Underworld, Pluto. She is the recipient of the rage and glee of Black Moon Lilith, she points to Jupiter in his sign of marriage and karma. She shakes the isolation of Vesta, queen of the hearth, and dances with Mars. She is indeed the new land arising from the water of mystery. She takes form in  those who have the power to see her.

faerie hands BL
                                                photo: Bruce Lhuillier

Neptune who rules the seas relates to Venus as well; the mystery of the boundless love, which holds all of creation. There is a song of gratitude held in this chart, the beginning of an awakened relationship between the distracted human mind and the unbending focus of the planet.

Assateague sun rise:set?              photo: Robert Fuhro

Summer Solstice 2107


New Moon in Cancer 2017Sarah Fuhro

Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive
The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To learn more, please visit www.sarahfuhro.com.

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root personThis is the second full Moon in Sagittarius this year.   When the full Moon visits the same sign twice, it gives us a moment to pause and look more deeply at the energies of the signs involved.   Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius are about two very different ways we perceive the world. Gemini wants to explore with rational Mercury. Sagittarius has the certainly of Jupiter behind his beliefs. Words, like swords can cut cleanly and find clarity, but they can turn and become double edged. Gemini can be delightfully curious, and articulate or descend into gibberish.   Sagittarius can be philosophical, optimistic, tolerant or rabidly dogmatic and inflexible.


We seem to be in a place where the Moon and Sun offer us the opportunity to look at our mental processes, and, to observe how we listen to each other and to the mental dialogue, which occupies our head.

When we are in the season of the full Moon we experience contradiction and the desire to
integrate opposing impulses and desires. This can lead to a sense of lunacy, a feeling that we can’t understand some part of our self which is wordless, and which can be ecstatic or destructive or both.

We associate the power of the full Moon to pull us apart mentally. But the integration of new material in our life can only come through the process of accepting contradiction.  Society has to accept what seems chaotic in order to evolve.  Asylum

Here is the entry to a discarded mental hospital, a place for those who had ‘abandoned hope’ and for those who were abandoned because they could not be integrated into sanity. Even the growth of trees and plants around the grand entrance, a temple to madness, seem to be in chaos. The laws of nature which usually follow a path towards harmony and balance, are overcome by chaos. The huge Moon is the illumination of this place, a place the Sun abandoned.

An important player in this full Moon moment is Chiron, the wounded healer, the centaur who could mend all wounds but his own. Chiron makes an important square to the Sun/Moon opposition. He holds the reigns of this chart. And I believe his Sabian Symbol is the one which holds the key to this moment: ‘Watching the very thin moon crescent appearing at sunset, different people realize that the time has come to go ahead with their different projects.’   ‘keynote: A keen appreciation of the value of individualized responses to any challenge of life.’

The potential for new understanding after disorder is available to us, if we don’t panic and Sag full Moon #2 '16pull away from the depths, but rather look more closely as what is really happening.
To increase the mental and physical tension of this full Moon, the planetary rulers of Sagittarius and Gemini (Jupiter and Mercury) are involved in a square formation along with Neptune and Saturn, two very contradictory forces. Jupiter is traveling through earth sign Virgo, a practical, critical deity. Neptune, located in his home base of watery Pisces drownsMagician Jupiter’s desire to preserve some semblance of order. The potential for a war between religions and spiritual outlooks is reflected in the astrology of the moment. Jupiter and Neptune are exactly opposite one another and are in tight connection to the Lunar Nodes, which mark evolutionary paths across the sky. Mercury’s card in the Tarot deck is the Magician. He knows the tools and tarot-wheeloffortunethe secrets of communication between the worlds. Jupiter, located in Mercury’s realm of Virgo also would use the tools of the Magician, but he offers us something beyond our ability to comprehend in this card, the movement behind the scene.  The Magician represents Mercury, The Wheel of Fortune, Jupiter.

Squares have trouble seeing each other’s point of view. There is a blind spot between Mercury and Jupiter and between Neptune and Saturn. Only by accepting all four sides of the square can understanding be reached, and stable new formations arise from the dust. In this Tarot card people have left the confines of the walled city to celebrate a new wholeness they are building.

four of wandsThis full Moon takes place just hours before the Summer Solstice.   The Solstice is a threshold moment, which marks the shift between growing and lessening light. This gives an extra significance to this very powerful full Moon. We live on a planet tilted to just the right degree so that every place on earth receives the same number of dark and light hours over a year’s time, but distributed in several very different ways. At the equator there is very little change of season, the day is half light and half dark. As we move South and North, the light varies by season with a dark and a light half. This may be why polarity is built into our thinking.   We want to see things as dark or light, right or wrong.

If you are feeling torn in several contradictory directions at this time, it might be an opportunity to take a moment of non judgmental self observation. It definitely feels as if our nation could use this. Silence and meditation are beautifully illustrated in this stone head found in the Castle Rock conservation land of Carlisle, Massachusetts. The challenge of the moment seems to beg for tender contemplation without words or mental constructs.

stone headSarah Fuhro  Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive

The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To learn more, please visit www.sarahfuhro.com.

Photo credits:

Sarah Fuhro, root person

Bruce Lhuillier, Asylum (MacLean Hospital in Waltham Massachusetts)

Bruce Lhuillier, Stone Head, Carlisle Massachusetts.

Tarot cards from the Rider Waite deck


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