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The door BL                                          photo: Bruce Lhuillier

At the moment of the full Moon on Saturday, we stand before a door, which will open into an experience of deep examination. This is a moment of initiation into a new life perspective. What is our qualification to enter this portal and begin a journey? Neptune, the planet of waters will test us. He represents our guide into the depths of our work on the material and spiritual plane.   Do we qualify to enter the door?   Nothing in our culture prepares us for this step; this is the work of the cosmos in a dance with our planet’s soul.

dancing petroglyph              photo: Sarah Fuhro

Ceres, the Earth Mother stands on the other side of the chart. in Leo.   What is our responsibility to the planet, never mind the cosmos?   She too will examine us before we enter the door and begin our membership in this new community. Like the figures in this petroglyph, which I saw in a desert canyon, we are dancers in a huge circle of interconnected life. Travel in the desert jolted me between the worlds of spirit and material forms.   The full Moon in Taurus drags us into the vibration of this alternating current.

Full Moon in Taurus 2017


The symbols of plus and minus which decorate the magical door in the picture above tell us that balance is the way into this new world. Venus, who is the ruler of the Taurus full Moon is exactly opposite Uranus. planet of the the sudden change.   Uranus is in a degree symbolized as ‘A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.’   It is a warning about becoming overcome by consciousness of our own potential.   When we come through a difficult transition and are faced with a new set of possibilities, there is a danger of falling into confusion.

ghost tree                                                   photo: Sarah Fuhro

Scorpio, the sign of the Sun and Taurus, the sign of the Moon are both associated with sexuality, but two different kinds of sexuality.   The Moon’s sign Taurus is about fertility and associated with the festival of Beltane (May Day) when babies are conceived and all the world is full of flowers and love.   The Sun sign Scorpio is about the dark side of sexuality and its association with death.   Mars, life force and sexuality rules this sign. It is sexuality with consequences. Samhain, (Hallowe’en) is celebrated in this sign. Death is recognized. The ancestors who journeyed before us are honored.   Yet there is dark potential here as well as death. For this is the season of seeds, and next year’s Beltane is held in what can sometimes look like a shroud or a casket!

Milkweed - Version 2                          photo: Robert Fuhro

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