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Burning Man Temple ceiling

I saw you there at the station.

That was the first time.

As your train pulled away,

your eyes filled with tears.

And, there was no doubt,

we could never walk

along the same sweet path.


Now in the fire of summer,

I have lost the thread,

there is no path out,

I only go deeper and darker.

My train and yours have

have devoured the tracks.


poetry: Sarah Fuhro   photo: Sarah Fuhro


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Im bolc and water

My Father

My father,

a man long ago turned to ash

still paces the corridors of my mind,

still walks the floor of my veins.


His invisible presence is reflected

in the eyes of other people,

who knew him not.


Sorry to say, my life is curtailed

by my honor to his memory,

by my belief in his divine powers.


I have built a high fence

through which I cannot pass,

his territory, not my territory.


Yet to live I must travel

in every direction dictated

by my soul’s compass.


I must acknowledge my timid

negotiations with my own fate,

I must breath for myself.


Surely in this spring tide

close to the day of his birth,

I can walk where ever my foot

finds surface in the melting snow.


Sarah Fuhro       April 2, 2017

photo: Sarah Fuhro


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