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Scorpio Moon in trees

Demon Wars

Many battles won or lost,

take place in moonlight,

when the big hoop

is caught in a tree top.


So tonight was my battle,

into the morning hour,

when birds mark location,

and speak of their intention.


These battles end in draw,

because there is no start,

and the winner is never

announced  to the world.


poem: Sarah Fuhro

photo: Aaron Greene


30 April 2018

dedicated to my friend Else,

poet, artist, astrologer Druid,

who left on her journey toward the

light today.

Her laughter echoes in my heart.

Else in Utrecht

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4 crystals and a butterfly BL

Strange, isn’t it,

how the dark earth

grows in spears of light.


And it’s strange,

how a child of crystal,

bends light into words.


But it’s very strange,

when the messenger

appears at my door.


Stranger still when

she tells me,

I must listen.


Tells me I must hear,

the Light of the Earth,

tender words of spring eternal.


Poem: Sarah Fuhro

Photo: Bruce Lhuillier


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skunk cabbage in snow             photo: Robert Fuhro

Aries is a signature of fire and warrior energy. When the Sun first enters Aries gate, we are in the vernal equinox, which represents the Life Force of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The fiery, new beginning energy of Aries and can be seen in all the thrusting and greening of life around us, even when snow and cold temperatures say that spring is somewhere else.

New Moon in Aries 2018

The Sun is ‘exalted’ in the sign of Aries. The Fire and courage of Aries works well in an individual or on a cold stone wall, ready to melt what snow remains. Both Sun and Moon enter placid, earthy Taurus in a few days. Taurus is a sign where the Moon is in her ‘exaltation’ so both Luminaries are ready for a new start. This new Moon offers each of us the energy to commence, but perhaps this will be a new start on an old concept or a dream long postponed. The gate in this picture is now open. Something that was closed or forbidden by our inner guards is now a possible entry.

Gate in the wall                  photo: Bruce Lhuillier

To celebrate this new Moon, Mercury goes direct a few hours before the Sun and Moon meet to create a new Lunar cycle in Aries. Mercury is also in Aries, he comes with a message about the esoteric side of this degree of Aries: ‘a triangle with wings.’ Interesting, the card from the Thoth Tarot deck, which I have used to illustrate this symbol is designated as ‘Mars in Capricorn’. This is the location of Mars in this chart.   The potential for creative breakthroughs in art or any other field seems very high right now. The fiery energy of Aries, and the solid Capricorn Mars, ruler of Aries speaks of manifestation. Manifestation of the most extraordinary dreams and visions is possible, because they will seem crucial!


Uranus guards the Sun and Moon in Aries on one side and Eris on the other. Uranus is all about freedom to be yourself, in whatever way speaks of your individuality. Uranus wants freedom to explore possibilities long ago taken off the table. His revolutionary spirit is aligned to the moment of his discovery. He was the first planet found through a telescope, a new form of technology, which Uranus also directs. His nature takes part in, or perhaps directs the moment of his discovery, which was during the French revolution when the old concepts of human identity were challenged and shaken.

Eris stands on the other side of the Luminaries. She is the chaotic interloper who demands recognition and acknowledgement. She is the injured aspect of the feminine. In return for notice, she offers a cornucopia of rewards.

Demon du seuil                 photo: Bruce Lhuillier

These cosmic forces might work as gargoyles to this powerful moment. A gargoyle is both a spirit of protection and an outlet for water from the building. What is frightening is what keeps us from treasures we dare not claim.   If we have courage, the energy of Aries, we might enter new places of wonder, like the medieval cathedrals, filled with the creative expressions of artists and artisans. Here is the Three of Pentacles from the Waite-Smith deck, depicting the three elements who must be present to create something new, the visionary, the designer, and the manifester.

three of pentacles

Jupiter and Pluto, two brothers, two kings, two gods witness  and enforce the energy  of this moment of shift and change.   Jupiter ruled Mt. Olympus, Pluto was king of the Underworld. They are currently in a perfect trine, a relationship of pleasure. Choose something which seems impossible and discover unlimited resources, the helping hand of cosmic pattern.   The Sabian Symbol for the degree of Sun and Moon, ‘through imagination a lost opportunity is regained,’ promises we have only to ‘revise our attitude’ to discover the secret of creative imagination.










































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Dream Cart



Dream Cart

Sleep approaches,

pushes the Dream wagon.

The wagon creaks

on wooden wheels.

Laden with strange

new dreams and tangles,

the Dream wagon

never turns back.


Funny wagon, it rides

on two wheels, an ox cart.

The surface is old,

the wooden shafts

smooth to the touch.

Until it arrives,

you can’t see the dreams,

but then you are overtaken

in the procession,

the dream parade,

with so many others.


poem: Sarah Fuhro
photo: Sarah Fuhro












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Owl Heart


Barred Owl

At night my heart beats

in the small cave of my breast.


In day, the heart takes off

and might become an owl.


My heart might be the owl

I saw fly from tree to tree.


It might become your heart,

and beat in your dark cave.


Or the owl, might find

a better place to land.


A lake with a tree,

where the forest does not end.


poem: Sarah Fuhro                photo: Robert Fuhro

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As Always

The tree by the path

As always,

I turn into the woods,

step into the meadow,

where, as always,

there is the hum,

of activity, of song.


Movement catches

my eye, flight,

turns my head.

They are there,

as always,

my guides, my compass.


Walk deeper,

a branch slaps my eye,

as always,

I am stunned.

Tears tell me,

I trespass.

Poem: Sarah Fuhro
photo: Bruce Lhuillier

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Im bolc and water

My Father

My father,

a man long ago turned to ash

still paces the corridors of my mind,

still walks the floor of my veins.


His invisible presence is reflected

in the eyes of other people,

who knew him not.


Sorry to say, my life is curtailed

by my honor to his memory,

by my belief in his divine powers.


I have built a high fence

through which I cannot pass,

his territory, not my territory.


Yet to live I must travel

in every direction dictated

by my soul’s compass.


I must acknowledge my timid

negotiations with my own fate,

I must breath for myself.


Surely in this spring tide

close to the day of his birth,

I can walk where ever my foot

finds surface in the melting snow.


Sarah Fuhro       April 2, 2017

photo: Sarah Fuhro


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