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 Unknown.jpeg                               The New Republic

When you think of your ancestors, what image comes forth?   Is it genealogical, specific to you, or more universal, ‘a Council of Elders’ ?   Friday, as they rendezvous to begin a new lunar cycle,  the Sun and Moon will be in the degree of Aquarius, which carries the Sabian Symbol:  ‘A Council of ancestors is seen implementing the efforts of a young leader.   The whole past of mankind stands behind any individual effort, especially in times of critical decisions.’ *   A stone circle carries the best image of the Council of Ancestors I can imagine!

stonenege with Sarah .jpg

photo: Clark Clements

 Interesting to me as an astrologer that both Dr King and Greta Thunberg were born with the Sun in Capricorn (the builder) and we are in a period of Capricorn energy with lots of players grouped in that constellation of structure and tradition.   We have come to a powerful place where the connection between racial and economic justice and environmental survival intersect.   Saturn and Pluto have made their exact conjunction and Jupiter is running to catch up with them.   Pluto clears the way….Saturn builds slowly and carefully and Jupiter adds a generous form of blessing!

New Moon in Aquarius 2020 adv.

Aquarius, like Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.  But the planet Uranus is also part of this sign’s identity.  Uranus was discovered at the time of the French Revolution and ushered in the Rights of Man, and the Age of Reason.   Both concepts changed the way people think of ourselves and our role in the universe.  Uranus has a relationship to this new Moon, which will add unexpected events and excitement to whatever is under construction.  It may feel like this: You focus on a project which will take many steps to create, with Saturn’s steady beat you start the step by step project.  Suddenly, like a bolt from the sky, (Uranus) steps in and  changes your focus to an entirely new construction.  This may be a wonderful new project, or general confusion, a health crisis or a family emergency.   But it may also be a wild burst of inspiration, which will change your life forever.

club moss .jpg

photo: Bruce Lhuillier

Here is Aquarius from the imagination of Amelia Leonards.   And, as with Capricorn she gives us a clue as to the next sign, Pisces, the Fish!

Aquarius Full.jpg

Aquarius the Water Bearer leads us to a new landscape, perhaps even a new planet!   This is a constellation located in a part of the sky called ‘The Sea.’   Neighbors are Cetus the Whale, Pisces the Fish, Eridanus the River and Piscis Austrinus, the Southern Fish. Despite the name and the company she keeps, Aquarius is an ‘Air’ sign, which gives a strange combination of wet and dry. Aquarius moves with wings, not fins. One of the first constellations identified in old texts, yet Aquarius is quite dim to us on earth now. Saturn rules this sign, with Uranus added to the mix, a deep connection to tradition  (Saturn) and to emerging human consciousness (Uranus).  Perhaps for this reason, Aquarius is closely associated with astrology, and technology, revolution and oddity.  Herons are a perfect Aquarian bird, for they hunt their food in water, yet never swim, or dive, but rather lift into the sky, and return home to nests on high trees over water.

Sarah Fuhro      The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. For an appointment call 508 740 7039 or email her at sarahfuhro@gmail.com.  In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.   
Amelia Leonards works with watercolor and graphite to create fantastical imagery.  She draws upon world folklore, mythology and her imagination  to create pieces imbued with sensitive and emotive storytelling. Throughout her work you will find an emphasis on feminine and natural elements, along with a hefty dose of humor and antlers. https://www.amelialeonards.com  and https://www.etsy.com/shop/amelialeonards.
Bruce Lhuillier Is a French artist and photographer currently living near Boston.   His ability to capture spirit in his photos and paintings is both unique and  visionary.  You can find his work on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Barknstone.
*Sabian Symbols are images for each degree of the Zodiac channeled by Laura Wheeler and transcribed by Marc Edmund Jones, revised by Dane Rudhyar.   http://www.mindfire.ca/.



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ravensI am a cottage with a thatched roof,

and within me, an old woman,

with a young body.


I am a cottage with a thatched roof,

and within me, a young woman,

with an old body.


I am a cottage with a thatched roof,

where the folk in terror,

hid their treasure in the straw.


I am a cottage with a thatched roof,

where the treasure was found

by those who cared, not at all.


The old woman and the young woman

made a pact with a yew tree,

a strong tree with deep roots.


The liqueur of the tree

was their blood.  Their hair

bound up in the branches.


I am a cottage with a thatched roof,

where rooks circle in November,

wings beat the story again.


Sarah Fuhro

photo: Robert Fuhro

15 October, 2019

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tress in the track! BL                                                       photo: Bruce Lhuillier

It doesn’t hurt to remember how impossible it is:  an eclipse!   The Earth, the Moon, the Sun line up and the tiny Moon casts a shadow upon the great gas ball, the Sun.  Or the Earth moves between Sun and Moon and casts her shadow on the Moon, blocking her reflection of the Sun……All of us, Sun, Moon, Earth  has to be just the right size, just the right distance to make this light show possible.   It’s an impossible feat of placement!  And not only that, but it happens every year, two, three, four times.   Yet each time it gives us a chance to stop and notice the sky and how the sky feels within.

snake in the water BL.jpg               photo: Bruce Lhuillier

This next new Moon on Tuesday is a total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer, a Water sign, full of emotion and Moon wisdom, mobility, and fluctuation.   Directly across from this new Moon/Sun are Saturn and Pluto, planets with powerful influence upon events internal and external.  Saturn and Pluto are moving through Capricorn, an Earth sign, with the deep intention to organize, and create stability.   The snake in the picture above moves through water, much as Capricorn and Cancer  work together, in unexpected ways.  A snake is usually an Earth creature, but occasionally climbs trees (Air) , or is at home in the Water element.  The Lunar nodes in the astrology chart are always immediately across from one another.   In this case they undulate between Cancer’s watery demands for feeling, and Capricorn’s grounded insistence upon  stability and structure.

Eclipse in Cancer 2019

At this time, the world, but especially the United States is experiencing a Cancer/Capricorn crisis.   Climate change, war and corporate greed have pushed millions of people into a crisis which uproots them from their homes and sends them into areas they hope will give them shelter.   Cancer says they are all of the human family and should be treated with kindness, compassion and generosity.  Capricorn says, no,  there must be structures to hold and organize the homeless of the earth.  And so we see children in jails, people eager to work kept from earning a living, new laws which limit the right to ask for asylum.  But it works the other way as well, those who say we fortunate ones will be overrun by dangerous and hungry criminals are also in a Cancerian mode.  Those who embrace and try to help the refugees, with legal or humanitarian aid are reacting with Capricorn structures.

Borders are in turmoil, but like the snake navigating in water, a way is found to move through and around those barriers, which become like a ‘sieve’ to those who want to prevent their movement with walls.

Humanityy                         collage: Bruce Lhuillier

Each of these ‘refugees’ has a Cancerian desire for a safe home, a place to raise children, and each has tried to use Capricorn skills to find and secure a place in a new country and culture.  Pluto and Saturn lean on this new Moon, this eclipse to find a way through this crisis into a new way of seeing.   What in your life has become fraught with this conflict, a conflict looking for transformation?    Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we won’t see the eclipse on Tuesday.  It’s visible in South America and Oceana, but we share in the power of the eclipse, which one way or another, forces us to stop and take note of the conflict in our own life.   For me this eclipse takes place very close to my Cancer Moon, my place of home, family and feeling.  And like the Druids of old, I must pass the test (Pluto and Saturn looking on)  to find my way home in a rudderless, oarless,  coracle, a tiny boat of leather: an impossible feat.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon:  ‘A clown caricaturing well-know personalities. In this twenty-first five fold sequence we witness the development of true individuality in man. And the first step is a cathartic one – the ability to laugh, which includes the ability to laugh at ones own petty habits and mannerisms – indeed, at one’s pomposity. It is a DECONDITIONING step. ‘



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Heron feeding young

photo: Robert Fuhro

Over the last few weeks I have been watching some herons as they build nests, sit on their eggs, and now feed their chicks.  Each visit to their swamp, I am awestruck by these huge birds who gracefully use the Air element as if it were as solid as Earth, or as supportive as Water.  Yesterday food was transferred to ravenous babies with wide open beaks.  This Gemini new Moon might mean we are all hungry for food from the teacher, Hermes/Mercury.  This is an opportunity to focus on what is available to nurture us, and what we have to share with someone who might need nurturance from us.

My darling lmp

                                            Clay tile: Sarah Fuhro

Mercury the planet who directs Gemini, is known as a trickster.  Teachers come in a variety of forms.   Some teach as directly as the heron feeds her chick, some teach through painful illusions.  At this time, as Saturn approaches Pluto, we can expect some very powerful lessons.   The old question of what to wish for, becomes paramount.

swift moving streams Portland BL.jpg                  photo: Bruce Lhuillier

Neptune is in a square to the new Moon in Gemini.  The image for this planet’s degree in the chart is: A MASTER INSTRUCTING HIS DISCIPLE.   In the beautiful photo above,  water has a chaotic lesson to teach.  There is no clear direction or flow.  Gemini energy is often like this, with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ bouncing back and forth through the brain.  Our teacher pushes us in opposite directions with equal force.

New Moon in Gemini 2019

Maybe the one lesson we can absorb right now is Liberation from the Past.  Tomorrow as the Moon begins her new cycle we will see only the light of the Sun.  The seed Moon in Gemini will be lost in the brilliant light of her companion until  she moves out from under his beams and travels on her own, and one clear twilight evening we will see her set in the West….

green lady 2

clay tile: Sarah Fuhro

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For three nights, I lay on the desert to sleep, and watched the Moon as she grew larger, and more insistent.   She moved between Taurus, Cancer, and Leo and soon she will be in perfect opposition to the Sun!  The Great Bear rose and passed over head.  Mars waved and Orion watched over us.

Once again, the full Moon occurs at the very first moment of a new sign.   And this will also be the moment of the Spring Equinox, when light and dark will be in perfect balance.   Aries Sun is ruled by Mars, Libra by Venus.  We are given the task to blend Mars and Venus, male and female, Sun and Moon.  The desert is that balance between dry stone Aries, and blooming Libra this spring.

Full moon in Libra

The full Moon is the culmination of the Moon’s journey each month, but at 0 degrees, it also feels as if this is a new beginning, a place to start over,  a moment of perfect balance between light and dark, and a place of rebirth.

butterfly finger                     photo: Sarah Fuhro

Everywhere we traveled, we were on the path with migrating butterflies.   They knew their route, even while we looked at maps and my phone.   The butterfly is a perfect balance between the sturdy traveler (Aries) and the delicate presence of beauty and vulnerability (Libra).

Strange to discover that the Sabian Symbol for the degree of this full Moon reflects the butterfly’s journey: ‘In a collection of perfect specimens of many biological forms, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings.’

A trip to the desert is always a journey into stone and lively forms, but this trip was timed to the rare joy of blossoms everywhere!

moneky flower                                      photo: Sarah Fuhro

How does it happen that the Moon speaks to us in so many ways which we, like the animals and plants all around us can only see when we are in darkness?   Yet we feel the fullness of emotion, excitement, pleasure as the Moon grows and fills the night sky, even though we have turned our back to the Moon’s light as a way to see our road ahead.

along the Charles BL                                     photo: Bruce Lhuillier

The Sun is in close contact with Chiron…he who heals, but cannot heal himself.   What is it at this moment of the spring equinox, this time of the full Moon, which cries out for healing in your life, and on the sweet planet we call Earth? Take a moment to wander out under this miracle of light, the full Moon in Libra, and create a ritual of healing.   Even if the sky is filled with rain or clouds, the all seeing eye of the Moon will find you, and know that you are listening to her, watching for her time.

josh closed                                     photo: Sarah Fuhro






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The full Moon celebrates the Winter Solstice on Saturday, December 22.  Both Luminaries, Sun and Moon are at 0 degree  of Capricorn and Cancer, constellations which mark the entry into winter and summer.   This is a moment when we can hear the Music of the Spheres.  It is a moment of absolute stillness, a chance to begin anew in a place of cosmic attunement!

interior of stone chamber BL

                                              photo: Bruce Lhuillier

The approach to the dark winter solstice always feels dangerous and death ridden.  But there is an opportunity for healing at this moment.  The position of Mars and Chiron as they relate to the Sun and Moon speaks of healing, finding a doctor within.    What can be done to lighten the mood?  Mars says: party like crazy, go to concerts, sing and feast!  Chiron recommends embracing all the colors of your crystal, knowing how important is your ray of light in this spectrum.   Leave nothing of yourself behind in the cold.

Crystal 1 BL

         photo: Bruce Lhuillier

There’s a strong suggestion of surprise in this chart as Uranus, the Wild One shakes Sun and Moon with fiery energy.  The Sabian Symbol for the position of Uranus is Attunement to cosmic order.  ‘Listen to Your Inner Voice!’ he says from his perch in Aries.    Look into the crystal, a reminder of all the frequencies of colors which must go into a ray of pure white light. To hear the Inner Voice, we have to trust our own light, our own music!

Full Moon in cancer 2018

Venus and Neptune are in a harmonious trine of Water signs.  They play the background music for this Sun Moon dance.  What will the entry of the Moon into Cancer (more Water),  mean for the  planets of love?   Perhaps Venus and Neptune  will tune us to the cosmic order.  Cosmic music, like the light of the crystal, requires each vibration of sound.


                                            photo: Bruce Lhuillier

A musical theme seems right for a full Moon at the season when we sing or hear music the most.   The Sabian Symbol for Uranus continues with the theme of ‘cosmic attunement.’  ‘If you are ready to enter into new possibilities of action, you must also learn the harmonic principles in operation! The Music of the Spheres.’    All we are asked to do is to stop a moment to feel the Sun’s journey and the full Moon’s sweet voice!     

Solstice at Mainstone

                                            photo: Bruce Lhuillier

The celebration of the journey of the Sun and Moon, gives depth and comfort to every person, no matter who they are, where they live.  Each voice in praise of the Earth and Sky are more powerful than all the forces of destruction and despair!   The bird of this season is the Wren, smallest of all, with the sweetest note!   The old song says: ‘Who sees the Wren sees God.’  Our song is never too small to move hearts and to brighten the dark season.


                          photo: Robert Fuhro (Carolina Wren)


The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. For an appointment call 508 652 9880 or email her at sarahfuhro@gmail.com.  In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.


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At night my heart beats
in the small cave of my breast.

In day, the heart takes off
and might become an owl.

My heart might be the owl
I saw fly from tree to tree.

It might become your heart,
and beat in your dark cave.

Or the owl, might find
a better place to land.

A lake with a tree,
where the forest does not end.


poem: Sarah Fuhro           photo: Robert Fuhro

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