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The sky is filled with Sagittarian energy!   Mercury, Venus, Moon, Sun and Saturn are all there at a party for the Solstice.   Sagittarius is fiery and full of joyful vigor, or righteous anger or spiritual bliss.   The Moon, hides at her farthest point from the Earth, invisible to us as she cozies up to the Sun.

sagittarian new moon for 2017Feel the energy of Uranus, the electric and erratic revolutionary in his elemental connection to the Sun and Moon!  Surprise!

Guy with conical hat BL                       photo: Bruce Lhuillier

And what wound might heal, or open up, as Chiron challenges all that Sagittarius party energy from the place of compassionate Pisces?

The Sabian Symbol for this degree where Sun and Moon have met is:’A Sculptor at His Work. The ability to project one’s vision upon and to give form to materials.      Self Projection into a Work.’

sculptured rock with leaves                photo: Robert Fuhro

On a trip this fall to the desert and cañon lands of the West, sculpture of the land was visible everywhere. Home in New England, what is visible is the daily change of light on ice and snow formations.

water sculpture           photo: Sarah Fuhro

 I wish you the joy of this Sagittarian gathering. The next full Moon will be January 1. Meanwhile, Saturn, the cosmic sculptor will move into his sign of greatest power, Capricorn. Over the next two weeks it will be possible to sculpt the entry to the New Year, 2018.   How will we each touch our environment to express our inner gifts?

better ice colums         photo: Robert Fuhro
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