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comorant flying

photo: Robert Fuhro   

So this is what the new Moon will bring on Tuesday: a way to wing your way over troubles…to see your crisis in a new way, to feel anxiety fall away as you trust your long forgotten wings.  Neptune is in close connection to Sun and Moon, a clue there is more than one reality.  Whatever the circumstances,  walk into this other reality, and know it is just as valid as any other.    

tulip and Queen   BL

photo: Bruce Lhuillier     https://www.etsy.com/shop/Barknstone

Here is the Lady, who wears the horns of Taurus, the crescent Moons which begin and end each miraculous lunar cycle.  Taurus is the place where the Moon finds joy, her ‘exaltation.’ The sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, and that planet will accompany the new Moon as she sets, a tiny crescent with a jeweled companion.  

 Neptune, ‘the higher octave’ of Venus won’t be visible, but makes an almost perfect trine to Sun and Moon.   With that tight  contact experience this new Moon in a transcendant state.  Open the windows of your heart to this beautiful moment.  This is a season of aroma, when flowers open and call to us to fall into a fragrant embrace.      

New Moon in Taurus 2021 adv

This is the lunar month of Hawthorn. This sacred tree reminds us that there is more than one realm. Hawthorn is associated with the kingdom of Fae, whom humans scorned and forgot, but which has always been here. There are rules to interaction between the two folk. We each carry some piece of the consciousness which is Earth. Hawthorn is one of the many plants which connect us.

Hazel Brook orchard

photo: Robert Fuhro        OK, it’s not a Hawthorn, but it beckons us in so beautifully, I had to use it!   


Hawthorn         Sarah Fuhro   

Dear Hawthorn,

I remember you best, as I saw you climb the hill to the sky

in your angry, thorn black stockings and gloves.

You were clad in white blossom gown,

guardian of the sweet spring,

where water swells from granite lips.

You mark the place and your white foam

marks the time of cleansing and seclusion

before the madness and power,

of the Oak Moon at Midsummer.

As the crescent Moon of Taurus slides into the West,

Hawthorn retreats to her lonely hill,

where she shines like the star of evening.

IMG_4573photo: Sarah Fuhro      Shakespeare performance at twilight in Portland Maine   

Shakespeare is a link to the connection between the two realms, human and fairy, each with their own rules and territory.   But there is also deep acquaintance with the woods and fields and orchards around us still. Mars and Chiron will be in perfect square at the new Moon. This is a healing combination.  Mercury is powerfully positioned to speak of the medicine they might offer us. Mercury is both physician, magician, salesman and speaker.   The old wisdom of Saturn is in perfect sync with the inventiveness of Uranus.  This is a potent Moon. Imagine some new path over uncharted waters, lift from your  for your weary feet, and fly.  

Sabian Symbol (verbal image for each degree of the Zodiac)  for the Sun and Moon conjunction is:  

‘White dove flying over troubled waters. The spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis.’    An Astrological Mandala..Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of the 360 degrees of images channeled by Elsie Wheeler and transcribed by Marc Jones.   .  

Sarah Fuhro, astrologer and teacher. for appointment and class information: sarahfuhro@gmail.com.

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Carl Jung used the elements of astrology to delineate four ways we learn about the world and ourselves. He called these the four functions. They connect as well to the four suits of the Tarot deck, and form the basis for the Meyers Briggs personality test.

He connected intuition with the element of Fire. He noted that intuitive thought leaps from point to seemingly unconnected point much in the way a fire will travel from place to place through a forest or meadow. Intuition, like fire is quick and often impatient with the need for ‘proof.’

 fire dance

 Water, on the other hand, is all encompassing and formless, much like emotion.   When we use our water nature to understand what is happening, there may be no words, but there is a tremendous power, which cannot be denied or blocked. Water, like emotion, will wear away any surface, it contacts over time.   Even granite is carved by water’s force.

 Sage's Ravine Waterfall

    photo by Bob Fuhro

The Air element describes the process of thought, which comes and goes like the wind. We are blown about the continuous deluge of words in our heads, and must learn to sort through and defend ourselves from the onslaught of constant dialogue, both helpful and destructive.   Like wind, thought shifts and changes. Intellectual thought is what is taught us in school, even though it is only one mode of learning.

Wind in the leaves of trees 3


And then there is the element of Earth. Here the connection is made to our sensory perceptions. We learn from our physical contact with the earth and nature. The five senses, sight, sound touch, smell, and taste are the basis of our interactions with the earth element. Loss of any of these makes us vulnerable and very aware of our physical form.

man in a circle


The chart for the full Moon on June 2nd features three of these elements in an equilateral triangle. This triangle involves the opposition between the Sun and Moon, the relationship between the luminaries, which define a full Moon.   But the third point on the triangle is Neptune, particular to this moment.

full Moon in Sag

The Sun is in the airy sign of Gemini. Mars and Mercury are also in Gemini close to the Sun.   The butterfly who flutters from flower to flower, is the symbol of Gemini, and expresses both the transformative power of this sign, and the airy source of constant movement.    Gemini has a connection to curiosity and a wide love of learning, with no real interest in specialization.   The ruling planet for this sign is Mercury, or Quicksilver, who, like our thought process transmutes from one moment to the next. To continue and deepen the Gemini theme are the companions to the Sun, Mercury and Mars. The Sabian symbol for this degree of the Gemini Sun sets the stage for the drama of this particular full Moon:   ‘A Negro girl fights for her independence in the city, liberation from the ghosts of the past.’ Like this Sun in Gemini, Alicia Garza, the activist who coined #Black Lives Matter has used both Mercury in Gemini (powerful communication) and Mars in Gemini (a verbal warrior) to puts words to a revolution.

Alicia Garza

The full Moon is in the Fire sign of Sagittarius, ready to jump, like our intuition into the fray. Sagittarius would like to explore through the search for meaning.   Both Gemini and Sagittarius are students, but their styles and purpose are quite different. Gemini loves to learn for the sake of learning, curiosity. Sagittarius pursues learning to explore beliefs and ideals. Gemini represents a young child’s eagerness for school, while Sagittarius is the focused older student, who pursues knowledge with a passionate framework, a scholar who eats up knowledge with a fiery passion. The Sagittarius Moon represents adventure and a thirst for new horizons.   The Sabian Symbol for the Moon’s degree in Sagittarius is: ‘ A flag turns into an eagle, an eagle into a chanticleer. The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations.‘  



Now we come to the third side of the triangle, a feature of this moment in time: Neptune in Pisces. Water is the element of Pisces and Neptune is Poseidon, who rules the Seas. Here we have the emotional angle in this triad of the elements and modes of knowledge.   Pisces has a message for Gemini and Sagittarius: do not over look the power of feeling. Our emotions have an equal role with the intellect and intuition. Neither water nor feeling can be ignored or there is the probability of all structures (the Earth element) will be washed away.



The missing element is Earth, the function of sensory perception. Perhaps there is a message here about our culture’s loss of contact with the body and the earth.   Today as the Moon culminates in Fire in opposition to the Sun’s large helping of the Air element, we can embody the fourth function of physical awareness, with deep appreciation for our sight, hearing, touch and smell, our representation of human form, and the Earth element.


In honor of this full Moon in Hawthorn, I dedicate this poem to Her white presence in the sky.

Hawthorn               Sarah Fuhro

Dear Hawthorn,

I remember you best

as you climb the hill

to the sky, in your

angry thorn black

stockings and gloves,

foaming in white

blossom gown,

and guarding

the spring where

water swells

from granite lips.

You mark the place

and your white foam

marks the time

of cleansing

and seclusion

before the madness

and power

of the oak moon

at midsummer.

Hawthorn retreats

to her lonely hill

where she shines

like the star of evening.

Sarah Fuhro

Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive

The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To learn more, please visit www.sarahfuhro.com.

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