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The Crystal Gazer

‘Come away, O human child!

To the waters, and the wild

With a faery, hand in hand,

For the world’s more full of weeping than

you can understand.’

W.B. Yeats The Stolen Child

Full Moon in Libra 2020photo: Sarah Fuhro       Full Moon in Libra 2020   

Libra full Moon marks the Venus side of spring, for she is the ‘ruler’ of Libra. This particular Venus is in Aries, at the same degree as the Sun and Chiron, heated with the Fire of Aries, cooled with Air of Libra. These are the days when the Lady of Love wanders through the meadows and forests, streams and rivers as they open in the Earth and in ourselves. The Sun enters Aries at the moment of the Spring Equinox and a great burst of Mars energy begins the cycle of a new astrological year. As always, the full Moon provides balance and integration to the astrological equation.

A moment in time to an astrologer is a recipe with a little bit of this energy, and maybe, a lot of another. Mars and Venus, Aries and Libra, male and female oppose and balance. To read the message of an astrology chart is to be the crystal gazer, to feel the music written in the pattern of the glyphs.

Libra Full Moon 2021

Libra is represented by a set of scales, and has the planetary, ruler, Venus. Saturn is also delighted to be in Libra, because any sign associated with love and art is going to involve rules and discipline, Saturn’s special domain. Ruler Venus is love and beauty, but Libra is a measured love (Saturn), and not even the natural frenzy of the full Moon energy can take away that impulse toward balance. Saturn is in connection to both Sun and Moon, so expect more than frenzy from this large and beautiful spring Moon. Aries Sun, Chiron the healer and Venus dance to love and beauty in the same degree. And that degree is about crystals, clarity, focus.

crystal eggs and smudge pot

                                             photo:  Bruce Lhuillier     https://www.etsy.com/shop/Barknstone

It’s true, this moment, the three: Sun, Chiron and Venus are in the same degree of Aries. The verbal image (Sabian Symbol) for the trio is a beautiful reminder of Libra’s power. ‘A Crystal Gazer. ‘the development of an inner realization of organic wholeness.’ This may be the impulse of this powerful spring Moon. The moment of fullness represents, ‘concentrated attention.’ Does it seem inspiration is available in huge scoops? Seeds are ‘concentrated attention’. They carry a map of where and from whom they came, and what they will become, if they are given the opportunity.

What shall I plant first? As the Moon wanes, it will release all she learned since the last new Moon. We are on a monthly journey, where each step is significant and powerful.



photo: Bruce Lhuillier   https://www.etsy.com/shop/Barknstone

This full Moon will be large, for it is close to the Earth, and invites intimacy.   After many months of chaotic events, it is only natural to turn away and focus inward, like the Crystal Gazer.  Venus reminds us of the Earth’s beauty and mystery.  Libra is the artist who stands apart from the fiery energy to create an image, a sound, the words, which will take me, and you towards the center, to begin anew.    

Cerunos antler and birch tree

photo: Bruce Lhuillier   https://www.etsy.com/shop/Barknstone

Chiron whispers to all who will listen: our wounds are only soothed when we accept our wholeness, and the physician within.  As I listen to the news, I might hold my head in sad reflection on what is carried in Yeats’ poem, ‘For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.’    Then I hear the poet’s voice tell me, take the faery’s hand and travel to the ‘waters and the wild!’  

Sunset on Water BL

photo: Bruce Lhuillier     

Sarah Fuhro is an astrology consultant, and tarot reader.  She teaches both.  You can reach her at sarahfuhro@gmail.com.  The next online class will focus on Aries, where it is in your chart, the role of planets in Aries  and the flavor of Mars.  
  Sabian Symbols are verbal images for each degree of the Zodiac. Channeled by psychic Elsie  Wheeler and transcribed by the astrologer Marc Edmund Jones in 1925. They were revised by Dane Rudhyar in his book Astrology of Personality.   http://www.mindfire.ca/.

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New Moon in Pisces March 13, 2021 5:21 AM EST

Pisces is the edge of the cliff, the end of our options. Or, so it seems. Now we are ready for something entirely different,  a new country where we sink below the surface of the Sea to find dry land on which we can stand. This involves surrender, acknowledgement of defeat, before we take a new journey on another road. As the world turns toward hope for the end to a long and painful period of plague and isolation, we have a new Moon in the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces. As is often true, this new Moon, occurs after the full Moon. There is an occult saying, ‘In the end is the beginning, and in the beginning is the end,’ a way of explaining the Moon’s strange journey. This is a form of ‘dreamtime’, which can remove us from mechanical logic, the necessity to take shelter in non linear time.
painting:Pisces Amelia Royce Leonards   https://www.amelialeonards.com  
The verbal image (Sabian Symbol) of the degree of the Sun and Moon reflects a deep seated lesson… our day to day choices have consequence. ‘ON A SMALL ISLAND SURROUNDED BY THE VAST EXPANSE OF THE SEA, PEOPLE ARE SEEN LIVING IN CLOSE INTERACTION.  The need to consciously accept one’s own personal limitations in order to concentrate one’s energies and to live a centered and fulfilled life.’  After a year of separation from our friends and family, most of us have a very deep appreciation for community.  By separation, and the need to isolate, we might have a better appreciation of how connected we all are.  

At this new Moon moment, there is a great crowd of planets in Pisces along with Sun and Moon. Venus and Neptune are in close company with Sun and Moon. Venus in Pisces is a deep, celestial love, and appreciation of beauty.  Neptune is the co ruler of Pisces and a higher octave of Venus. So there is potential for a universal love energy at this time. How will we feel and express this wave of divine love?


The pattern of this moment can be seen in the embrace of the Lunar Nodes.  Maybe these are the arms of protection necessary to create new forms of love, to accept the new forms of resourcefulness we have developed.   The Nodes of the Moon mark the location for the eclipse of the Sun and Moon.   North Node is in Gemini, with Mercury in Gemini and South Node is in Sagittarius, with his ruler in Jupiter, also in Aquarius.   This chart demands new ways of looking at the world and the problems we face.   

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. It is an arena of compassion and deep feeling in each person, the source of poetry, whether we translate those feelings into words or leave them in their watery form. The constellation of Pisces is seen as two fish swimming in opposite directions. Is this the source of compassion, when we can feel something that is not our experience at the moment, but can be felt as if it were. The two fish in the Pisces symbol are linked as each go their own way, always tethered to one another.

We can go our own way, but we are never alone. Pisces creates a sensitivity to the movements of everything else. This is the sign of the artist, and medium, the dreamer and the fisherman. The fisher feels the fish on the line before it is visible above the water, and recognizes the life energy of the ‘catch.’ I went fishing for bass on a late summer afternoon. Suddenly, as happens often in August, a dark sky ate up the bright blue of the afternoon. I felt the strong twitch of a large fish on the line. I pulled it up just as a stroke of lightning came down into the water, exactly in line with the bass on the fishing line. In that moment I was the fish, the lightning bolt and the fisher. I have never fished since.

Sarah Fuhro    sarahfuhro@gmail.com    


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Bramble Gate

Red-tailed hawk

photo: Robert Fuhro

I enter the estate of brambles,

to reach into their berry heart.

Thorns clutch my throat,

hold back my arms.

But the fruit is so sweet

I can’t feel the claws.

I can’t feel how they bury

tiny swords in my neck and arms.

Oh, brambles, I love you.

My trouble with you

is reflected in a  hawk’s

circle above me, as I push

into your thorny gates.

I am no more than the black bird,

also greedy for warm fruit.

While the hungry hawk

keeps court from above,

as the fruit ripens in July heat.

Sarah Fuhro   July 25, 2016

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