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At night my heart beats
in the small cave of my breast.

In day, the heart takes off
and might become an owl.

My heart might be the owl
I saw fly from tree to tree.

It might become your heart,
and beat in your dark cave.

Or the owl, might find
a better place to land.

A lake with a tree,
where the forest does not end.


poem: Sarah Fuhro           photo: Robert Fuhro

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gas fired heron

I am a smoky owl,

my eyes see best at night.


I am a disconsolate crow,

with a voice like sand.


I walk the path of the tree,

ever watchful red squirrel.


My arms are hawk wings,

slow beat through rain.


My feet are delicate,

the deer in me is swift.


I move low to the ground,

serpent in a stone wall.


I am the heron gate

to the still world of spirit.


poem: Sarah Fuhro

Pottery and photo: Sarah Fuhro

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