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Full Moon in Libra 2020 hug

The pattern of the planets at the moment of the full Moon on Tuesday is stark in its power and simplicity.   Except for the Moon herself, all other planets and the Sun are held within the crescent of the Lunar Nodes.  This basic pattern is known as a ‘bucket’, with the Moon as the ‘handle.’   You don’t have to know much astrology to see  a tremendous amount of energy is pouring  towards and from the Moon.  The whole chart is focused on her high and solitary  place in the sky holding balance with the rest of the planets, and pouring the love of Venus (Libra)  into a cauldron of destruction and blessing (Pluto/Jupiter),  and construction and healing  (Saturn/Mars/Chiron).

cloudy moon through branches                                              Photo: Bruce Lhuillier

At this moment, she appears closest to the earth during her monthly journey.  Her size and brightness are a celebration of light, called a ‘super Moon, the largest of 2020.  The Moon is in an apparent conversation with our planet,  and in this time of plague, stillness and quarantine, her message of beauty and balance is palpable, a cosmic conversation!

figure with scales color.jpg                                            Photo: Bruce Lhuillier

The Moon’s position in the sky is in Libra, the Scales.  Libra is a sign of balance, and those blessed with a Libra Moon learn early in life to find a safe place between extremes. Delicate  and difficult work,  diplomacy is an art, with a fateful teacher!  Venus ‘rules’ the sign of Libra in beauty and with a loving nature, but the teacher Saturn finds his  ‘exaltation’ in this sign as well. The Saturnic presence is a reminded that Libra is deeply connected to karma as well as romance and beauty in partnership and marriage.   Libra  demands separation and balance in relationships. Each partner must have space to breath, with a commitment to justice. When that sense of fairness and balanced separation is trampled, there is explosive psychic pain for Libra Moon.

Rug and table in consulting room                                              Photo:  Sarah Fuhro

The ‘Sabian Symbol’* for the degree of the Aries Sun offers a surprisingly accurate and positive spin on the worldwide disruption and quarantine thrust upon us.  The many relationships (aspects) between planets in this chart  weaves a powerful tapestry felt worldwide.

‘THE “MAGIC CARPET” OF ORIENTAL IMAGERY.  KEYNOTE: The use of creative imagination. A way of life refusing a hectic involvement in social competition and waste-producing overproduction allows for the development of unattached and transcendent understanding…. The period of rest from outwardly directed activity bound to collective normality presents the creative mind with the possibility of surveying in dreams the totality of the present-day social situation, thus “to see whole.”‘ 

IMG_6365 - Version 2                            Photo: Robert Fuhro 

The picture  above of a Skunk Cabbage spadex (seed) is eerily similar to diagrams of the Covid-19 virus.  We could look at the astrology chart to ask what is the soul purpose of this entity which has isolated and united us all?   And if we don’t fear, but attempt to understand, what can we hope to accomplish together?   Will our quarantine remind us we are part of the larger design, (Venus/Chiron)  or just make us fear each other?  Might America finally acknowledge that health and food and home security belong to everyone?

fungus Moon                              Photo:  Bruce Lhuillier 

For those of us with shelter and food enough to take advantage of this enforced time of reflection, it is a gift of communal opportunity.  Nature has become a place of solace and healing for throngs of people.  As I wander deeper and deeper into the woods, everything  seems more and more beautiful, strange and magical.  Today I met a black water snake, who was probably about to leave her old skin for a new one.  On my return journey s/he had formed an ouroboros, in preparation for transformation.


I had great difficulty in writing this Moon blog. I wrote, erased  and rewrote over three days. I so wanted to speak about the clarity and possibility I see here, but it all sounds like platitudes.   The astrology chart is a pattern of a moment in time.  We are told by the wise to live deeply in the present moment. The new and full Moons are moments when we are united the world over in a particular visual pattern of time.  When astrology is used to feel the depth and import of a moment, it is truly a gift from the cosmos.  This chart is a  perfect mirror to the moment we dwell in today.  At this precious hour as the Moon fills and lights the night sky, we can honor what animals and plants all over the globe feel and see together. We can see what our ancestors saw, and hope our children will continue to see– our beautiful sister in the sky.   .


Venus is the ‘ruler’ of Libra.  Here we continue with the series of beautiful paintings by Amelia Leonards to illustrate what this planet offers us, and how we can meet her in conversation.   How potent,  that at this moment of worldwide fear, illness and death, the full Moon is under the rule of Love, the planet Venus.

Venus-1200                                           painting: Amelia Leonards

Love and beauty,  money and sensuality are associated with the goddess Aphrodite, the planet Venus in an astrology chart. Venus is known as the ‘ruler’ of two signs: Taurus and Libra at two very different seasons of the year!  Venus as she dances in Earth sign Taurus is sensual, spring-like and fertile. Libra Venus is aesthetic and balanced, an Airy  Venus who designs and appreciates beauty in the season of harvest.  The full Moons of Taurus and Libra balance out that seasonal polarity.  We have a full Moon in Libra at springtime to balance the Aries Sun, and a fertile Taurus Moon as the growing season ends during the time of Scorpio.

Whatever her sign, Venus is never far from the Sun.  This sparkling diamond, so beautiful at twilight or dawn  can awaken us to her power,  enchant us, break open our heart with deep feeling, and initiate us into her transformative powers, with no rules but her own.  She is associated with the  pentacle because she seems to move across the sky on a five step journey over eight years. She moves from  evening star to dawn light and  for a part of the cycle disappears completely.  Her pentacle is found in the heart of the apple, and  in our form as human beings.  The star shape of the pentacle is protective and part  of most magical rituals.

Venus in our chart speaks of how we love, whom we love, and what we find beautiful.   Venus is associated with all five-petaled flowers, but especially the Rose,  an eternal symbol of love, with thorns, and, like love, can hurt us even as we embrace the Venus experience.  But Love takes many shapes and has numerous special plants and animals sacred to her.  Myrtle, doves, dolphins, swans and the pomegranate are among her symbols.  The Cypress tree is hers because she was born in the Sea off the island of Cypress.  To bring her presence fully into our life, we must look for her at the edges of the day, sunrise and sunset, in sources of water, springs sacred to her presence, wherever beauty is found, and walk willingly through a thorny hedge to find her.

*Sabian Symbols are verbal images for each degree of the Zodiac channeled by Laura Wheeler and transcribed by Marc Edmund Jones, revised by Dane Rudhyar.   http://www.mindfire.ca/.
 Sarah Fuhro      The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.   For an appointment or to be notified of classes call 508 740 7039 or email her at sarahfuhro@gmail.com.
 Amelia Leonards works with watercolor and graphite to create fantastical imagery.  She draws upon world folklore, mythology and her imagination  to create pieces imbued with sensitive and emotive storytelling. Throughout her work you will find an emphasis on feminine and natural elements, along with a hefty dose of humor and antlers. https://www.amelialeonards.com  and https://www.etsy.com/shop/amelialeonards.
Bruce Lhuillier Is a French artist and photographer currently living near Boston.   His ability to capture spirit in his photos and paintings is both unique and  visionary.  You can find his work on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Barknstone.






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