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tress in the track! BL                                                       photo: Bruce Lhuillier

It doesn’t hurt to remember how impossible it is:  an eclipse!   The Earth, the Moon, the Sun line up and the tiny Moon casts a shadow upon the great gas ball, the Sun.  Or the Earth moves between Sun and Moon and casts her shadow on the Moon, blocking her reflection of the Sun……All of us, Sun, Moon, Earth  has to be just the right size, just the right distance to make this light show possible.   It’s an impossible feat of placement!  And not only that, but it happens every year, two, three, four times.   Yet each time it gives us a chance to stop and notice the sky and how the sky feels within.

snake in the water BL.jpg               photo: Bruce Lhuillier

This next new Moon on Tuesday is a total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer, a Water sign, full of emotion and Moon wisdom, mobility, and fluctuation.   Directly across from this new Moon/Sun are Saturn and Pluto, planets with powerful influence upon events internal and external.  Saturn and Pluto are moving through Capricorn, an Earth sign, with the deep intention to organize, and create stability.   The snake in the picture above moves through water, much as Capricorn and Cancer  work together, in unexpected ways.  A snake is usually an Earth creature, but occasionally climbs trees (Air) , or is at home in the Water element.  The Lunar nodes in the astrology chart are always immediately across from one another.   In this case they undulate between Cancer’s watery demands for feeling, and Capricorn’s grounded insistence upon  stability and structure.

Eclipse in Cancer 2019

At this time, the world, but especially the United States is experiencing a Cancer/Capricorn crisis.   Climate change, war and corporate greed have pushed millions of people into a crisis which uproots them from their homes and sends them into areas they hope will give them shelter.   Cancer says they are all of the human family and should be treated with kindness, compassion and generosity.  Capricorn says, no,  there must be structures to hold and organize the homeless of the earth.  And so we see children in jails, people eager to work kept from earning a living, new laws which limit the right to ask for asylum.  But it works the other way as well, those who say we fortunate ones will be overrun by dangerous and hungry criminals are also in a Cancerian mode.  Those who embrace and try to help the refugees, with legal or humanitarian aid are reacting with Capricorn structures.

Borders are in turmoil, but like the snake navigating in water, a way is found to move through and around those barriers, which become like a ‘sieve’ to those who want to prevent their movement with walls.

Humanityy                         collage: Bruce Lhuillier

Each of these ‘refugees’ has a Cancerian desire for a safe home, a place to raise children, and each has tried to use Capricorn skills to find and secure a place in a new country and culture.  Pluto and Saturn lean on this new Moon, this eclipse to find a way through this crisis into a new way of seeing.   What in your life has become fraught with this conflict, a conflict looking for transformation?    Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we won’t see the eclipse on Tuesday.  It’s visible in South America and Oceana, but we share in the power of the eclipse, which one way or another, forces us to stop and take note of the conflict in our own life.   For me this eclipse takes place very close to my Cancer Moon, my place of home, family and feeling.  And like the Druids of old, I must pass the test (Pluto and Saturn looking on)  to find my way home in a rudderless, oarless,  coracle, a tiny boat of leather: an impossible feat.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon:  ‘A clown caricaturing well-know personalities. In this twenty-first five fold sequence we witness the development of true individuality in man. And the first step is a cathartic one – the ability to laugh, which includes the ability to laugh at ones own petty habits and mannerisms – indeed, at one’s pomposity. It is a DECONDITIONING step. ‘



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  sea shell lady                                             photo: Bruce Lhuillier

This full Moon in Sagittarius has a powerful connection to generosity.   The Moon and Jupiter are close, close enough to bring the joyful generosity of Jupiter, and especially Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius, into our consciousness.  Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius.  His large spirit of creativity and optimism fill us with a kind of divine happiness.

Aaaron sunset lake photo

             photo: Aaron Greene

It’s a season of generosity as we approach the Solstice and the light of the Sun stays with us into the night, and Tuesday we have a full Moon to continue that joyous radiance into the darkness….

Aaaron moon in bare branches

                                          photo: Aaron Greene

But why is Jupiter associated with generosity, with expansiveness, with laughter? He is a god of lightning, yet he is not associated with fearfulness, but rather with courageous hope, fertility and growth.  Here he is in eagle form, fertilizing the pomegranate trees.


photo: Bruce Lhuillier

Jupiter at this moment is in a perfect square with Neptune.  Together they rule the constellation Pisces.  Neptune is king of the oceans where the fishes (Pisces) live.   Both Pisces and Sagittarius are  associated with spirituality in many forms, with priests, with compassion.  Sagittarius especially has an all embracing enthusiasm for strangers and foreign  religious traditions, but it is also the sign of the fanatic.  And here is where the dark side of Sagittarius emerges.  There is a kind of twist which can take place so that instead of accepting and enjoying difference, Sagittarius may turn into the witch hunter, the inquisitor.   

Twisty tree b&W BL

                                          photo: Bruce Lhuillier

This might have something to do with the sign of the Sun.   When the Moon is full in Sagittarius she is opposite the Sun in Gemini,  the mental aspect of the Zodiac. The airy thought process of Gemini can become become tangled and tormented, and what appears generous and friendly, one moment becomes dangerous or intolerant the next.   The expansiveness of Sagittarius morphs into greed and hoarding.   Everything is tangled and choaked in too much fertility.

Gorgons on pillars at asylum

                                           photo: Bruce Lhuillier

The moment for this full Moon on Tuesday is full of twists and turns, surprise and revelation.  All the planets are in aspect to one another. A Pluto-Saturn South Node combination is facing off against Mercury, Mars and the North Node, and Neptune is in contact with Pluto-Saturn and Jupiter as well as Mars and Mercury.  Eris (Lady Chaos) is there as well with relationship to Sun and Moon, and Pluto and Mercury and Mars… This is a moment to understand that nothing is black or white, but to contemplate every color in the rainbow.

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2019 Mercury and Mars across from Pluto and Saturn could mean we blow our stack over nothing… or speak up for the environment.   Chatting with a friend tonight we marveled that we see so many hawks, ospreys, herons now which were almost made extinct by DDT, until one woman, Rachel Carson, spoke up, against the manly disdain of Congress and much of the scientific community.   And when I came home, and looked at Rachel Carson’s astrology chart, I discovered she was born at the time of the full Moon in Sagittarius. This very mental and very spiritual   woman was  born with her Sun in Gemini and  Moon in Sagittarius!   

Rachel Carson natal chart 

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Heron feeding young

photo: Robert Fuhro

Over the last few weeks I have been watching some herons as they build nests, sit on their eggs, and now feed their chicks.  Each visit to their swamp, I am awestruck by these huge birds who gracefully use the Air element as if it were as solid as Earth, or as supportive as Water.  Yesterday food was transferred to ravenous babies with wide open beaks.  This Gemini new Moon might mean we are all hungry for food from the teacher, Hermes/Mercury.  This is an opportunity to focus on what is available to nurture us, and what we have to share with someone who might need nurturance from us.

My darling lmp

                                            Clay tile: Sarah Fuhro

Mercury the planet who directs Gemini, is known as a trickster.  Teachers come in a variety of forms.   Some teach as directly as the heron feeds her chick, some teach through painful illusions.  At this time, as Saturn approaches Pluto, we can expect some very powerful lessons.   The old question of what to wish for, becomes paramount.

swift moving streams Portland BL.jpg                  photo: Bruce Lhuillier

Neptune is in a square to the new Moon in Gemini.  The image for this planet’s degree in the chart is: A MASTER INSTRUCTING HIS DISCIPLE.   In the beautiful photo above,  water has a chaotic lesson to teach.  There is no clear direction or flow.  Gemini energy is often like this, with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ bouncing back and forth through the brain.  Our teacher pushes us in opposite directions with equal force.

New Moon in Gemini 2019

Maybe the one lesson we can absorb right now is Liberation from the Past.  Tomorrow as the Moon begins her new cycle we will see only the light of the Sun.  The seed Moon in Gemini will be lost in the brilliant light of her companion until  she moves out from under his beams and travels on her own, and one clear twilight evening we will see her set in the West….

green lady 2

clay tile: Sarah Fuhro

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