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Full Moon in Nion 2012

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Luis Moon Report

     January 23, the new Moon of Luis begins the year of the Water


Dragon. The Asian new year falls at the time of the new Moon in Aquarius each year. Dragon years have a dynamic and powerful energy, and the dragon is a symbol of the emperor. It also connected with unpredictability, another indicator that we can expect all kinds of wonderful effects and events in 2012. The fact that this is a water dragon year suggests this element will be paramount. We are already seeing a globe struggling with too much and too little water. With the entry of Neptune, the kings of the oceans re-entering watery, Pisces, February 3, we may all need to think about boats and flood insurance.

Mars will go retrograde in the sign of Virgo this day as well, allowing us to carefully reconsider what actions we will take in the next few months. Mars only goes retrograde onceevery two years. It will mean that Virgo will be visited by the planet of action and sexuality for four months instead of the usual two. Perhaps it will allow us the opportunity to reconsider aggression as the only way to deal with conflict. Mars retrograde in Virgo slows down and refines our ventures. This may also prove to be a good time to look at issues of self-esteem and how harsh criticism may invade our thoughts, to curtail the pleasure of creative moments, since Virgo can be critical, and Mars in Virgo could encourage self disdain unless it is evolved to the point of ‘crafting’ needed changes. This retrograde period may not be the best time to begin new projects, but Virgo the perfectionist will be glad to suggest new strategies and plans for those endeavors. Mars will trine Mercury at the new Moon, and this furthers the planning, rather than action theme. It could make this a rather confusing day, if Mars is going from direct to retrograde action with a connection to our Mercury, who is the ruler of nervous, mental Virgo. If you need to move ahead with new plans, offer respect to slowness and be patient. The earth element of Virgo (Mars) and Capricorn (Mercury) will mean a well-grounded foundation for what you are attempting to manifest, but it may take some time to appear.

The Sabian Symbol for the degree of the new Moon is: A deserter from the Navy. The individual’s self-realization through a crucial repudiation of a collective status which has become unbearable. This new Moon, and entry into the Year of the Dragon, is the perfect opportunity to turn away from the limitations of patterns and social structure, which keep us from evolving into new forms of our potential.

The Full Moon of February 7 follows two weeks after the hatching of the water dragon. Saturn will turn retrograde in Libra on this day of greatest lunar manifestation, just as Mars stepped into retrograde on the new Moon. Saturn seems determined to stay in this sign of his exaltation, and will probably also slow down the pace of construction on all kinds of projects, which we have set for ourselves. Relationships will have to be reexamined in the retrograde visit to this sign; justice may have a chance to be reconsidered.

This same day, Saturn and Venus, the ruler of Libra will be in an awkward connection to one another, a quincunx. This could be a day of discomfort around relationship, which does not get resolved easily because it has no clear goal. However, the full Moon in Leo may override all of this to celebrate self-expression and dramatic flair. The Sabian Symbol for this full Moon is: A Houseboat Party, the enjoyment of temporary freedom from rigidly structured social behavior, seems to verify that possibility. This image is an interesting follow up to the Navy imagery of the new Moon, and its words of escape from the unexamined acceptance of society’s mores, suggests that individuation has taken place. Both Leo and Aquarius, where the Sun is located have much to do with finding and acting upon the authentic impulses of the individual. Aquarius demands our self-expression in the larger community. We are challenged to be part of the whole without losing our unique gift to that larger organism. Leo is about bringing our gifts and talents out into the open with or without the understanding of the social structure. Leo must lose the ego in the performance, while Aquarius often works without the knowledge of what will enhance the ego. The Sabian Symbol for the Sun in Aquarius is: A Forest Fire Is Being Subdued By The Use Of Water, Chemicals And Sheer Muscular Energy, the individual must use every tool available with a deep faith in his power of indomitability. Despite retrograde Mars and Saturn, this full Moon is the opportunity to continue the struggle to attain some goal or level of competence!

This is the Moon of Luis, the Rowan, or Mountain Ash. It is a Moon of change, a period when we begin to feel the growing light, and the power of Bride. Her celebration falls on February 2nd, Imbolc. She is the power of healing, of childbirth and of craft. Her flower is the snow drop who will sturdily bloom through the snow. The Rowan has berries which sustain the birds at this time of year, each have a pentacle on this base, a sign of the protection for those who seek the arms of Bride during this time of quickening.

Here are two poems I have written about this sacred turning point in the year.


Meet her in the woods when the snow melts in your lungs.

Breathe her sweet fog.

She is white from head to toe.

Silver rings round her fingers.

And she is young and ancient a hag, a mother, a maid.

Whatever shape you need her

she finds form: deer’s golden skin

bird’s feather,

fish fin or

the cold grey eye of the hawk.

She is not ashamed of dirt

under her fingernails

yet she is spotless. pure,

the snowdrop nodding

over the granite stone.

Find her at the vee in the trail

where it forks

and you must choose

one way or the other way

to continue your journey.

Find her where the beaver

has cut a hundred wands

to block the stream.

The mystery of his plan

is already constructed in her heart.

February 4, 2006




The Full Moon,

buried in our lungs,

breathes with us.

Our heart’s in a hurry

to keep up,

with the passage

of sweet air,

as it fills and empties,

from the magic chest,

held within,

the holy ghost, the toolbox,

the spirit place,

the home sweet home.

The White Lady draws nigh,

evening comes later.

Feel her fog breath

as she approaches,

leaves muddy footprints

in the new snow,

and promises: someday,

one day, spring will be here,

hot, with chill overtones.

She is the green moss

under blue white crystal,

treasure of February,

glass on small ponds,

a bird of early arrival,

the fox, as he leaves his lair,

to venture forth,

on a cold morning

with breakfast in mind after long hunger.

January 30, 2010

Sarah Fuhro

Star Lore: Imbolc ‘I am a wide flood on a plain’ Song of Amergin At the beginning of the birth process there is a great gush of water. Birth pains have already started perhaps, but when the water breaks, the real work begins. Imbolc is a celebration of birth, the actual process of birth. The time is sacred to the goddess Bride who is the guardian of childbirth, of smiths and of poets. This is a festival of washing, of purification through water and fire. This theme was retained when Imbolc became Candlemas in the medieval church to celebrate the ‘purification of the virgin.’ Forty days after the birth of her child, Mary went to the temple to reenter community life following a ritual bath. Now we celebrate washing the earth with rain and snow, which has fallen during a time when the earth was frozen hard and could not accept the moisture from above. Here in New England, winter is still well entrenched, yet it’s common to find water on top of the ice which coats the forest floor, and if you pull back the snow, you will find green growth has begun in dark soft mud. The custom of floating candles on water seems to reflect the cold, the wet and the fire as our grove stands in the snow celebrating the birth of spring. As we light 19 candles which float upon clear water this Imbolc, we mark the number of years in the Moon’s Metonic cycle; the number of years for the Moon to return to the same place in the sky on the same date. The Metonic cycle was marked in stone circles and now we also connect to the mysteries of the sky in this simple ceremony. Imbolc means ewe’s milk, for this is the season of new born lambs, but milk is also a connection to the stars of the Milky Way, Caer Gwydion. There is a theme of whiteness with this festival. And white (gwen) is the color of the fairy realm which reconnects us to the Milky Way, the white path of the trickster, Gwydion.Imbolc takes place when the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius, symbolized by a man (or is it a woman?) holding an urn which pours forth water. The Egyptians saw this water carrier as a symbol of the flooding of the Nile and showed him with his staff which was a measure of the depth of the river, for all festivals and religious observance were connected to the yearly rise of and fall of the Nile waters. The part of the sky where the constellation Aquarius is located was called ‘the Water.’ Aquarius was called the ‘Seat of the Flowing Water’ by the Babylonians, and Aquarius is part of the oceanic sea constellations: Pisces the Fishes, Cetus the Whale, Capricorn the Sea Goat, Delphinus the Dolphin, Eridanus the River, and Hydra the Water Serpent. Yet for all this water, Aquarius is an air sign, not a water sign, and is actually quite electric in its energy. This time of year is often full of sudden and unexpected events, and people born in this season often surprise those around them by decisions and statements which seem to come ‘out of the blue.’ Luis the Rowan tree and the Snowdrop carry the symbolism of the life force which is both vulnerable and sturdy. Protective Rowan makes a lovely wand for the Imbolc circle and the Snowdrop is a flower which does not seem to know the season, but blooms right through the February and March snows. As we walk the circle under the ‘water’ constellations, we reflect back our watery natures in poetry and song, we focus with the careful precision of the smith who works with fire and we embrace the potential for healing and rebirth, all in the realm of Bride’s arms. This day is dedicated to the goddess, to surprise, to whiteness and shadow. Tonight we will notice the lengthening of the daylight which began at Alban Arthuan and become aware of how far we have traveled. Sarah Fuhro http://www.sarahfuhro.com sarahbeagl@aol.com

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