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As soon as the Sun moves into Leo, on July 22, Moon enters the opposite sign, Aquarius. Sun and Moon create a gate into the Leo/Aquarius axis at 00 degrees. The two luminaries offer us a fresh start at the very moment of culmination in the Moon/Sun cycle! Leo is about the Sun’s full glory in the brightest and hottest days of summer while the full Moon in Aquarius balances that creative and fiery force with a deep concern for community and the social structures which support and yet limit our self expression.

To continue the theme of new beginnings, Venus has just entered Virgo and Pallas Athena is new to Cancer. They are also at 00 degrees of their signs.  The two of them form a sextile, which creates a perfect ‘yod’ with the Moon as the outlet.  Venus and Pallas Athena are in feminine signs, Virgo (earth) and Pallas Athena in Cancer (water).  Virgo offers careful and solitary analysis. Cancer is the Moon’s natural castle, a sign of home and family, of deep feeling and watery flux.   Venus and Athena are offering the airy Aquarius Moon their feminine wisdom and concerns.

I have chosen a picture of the full Moon with a waterfall because the Water trine remains powerful in this chart as it was in the new Moon.   Saturn in Scorpio, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces (all constellations of the water element) continues to whirl.  This modifies the dry heat of Leo and Aquarius.  We may find ourselves with opportunities for emotional depth and growth during this time.

Saturn’s square to the full Moon and Sun demands some kind of manifestation of their polarity, which is the contrast between the needs of the ego and society.   What do we want to accomplish during this earth moment?  Saturn in Scorpio has everyone cleaning out closets and sorting through what is valuable and what has outlived usefulness. The ideals of Jupiter in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces are blended with the action driven energy of Mars and the heavy responsibility of Saturn’s lessons.  We can take this watery trine to turn the wheel of public opinion (Neptune)  toward earth wisdom.

Ceres, the earth mother, squares the lunar nodes of this chart exactly.  She pushes us toward deeper commitment and passion for the cause which Aquarius champions, the unification of humanity, and the deep knowledge that we are of the cosmos.

The symbol for Aquarius is a human being (or an angel).  Despite his name, the water bearer, he is of the air element, of high and spacey vibration filled with the communications from Uranus and Saturn two planets which seem to be in conflict.  The old (Saturn) and the new (Uranus) battle it out in Aquarius until they blend into respect for tradition with an open mind toward what is novel.   Aquarius, the water bearer dwells in an area of the sky called the Sea near Pisces, the fishes, Cetus, the whale and Eridanus the river.  Aquarius is fixed, despite his embrace of all that is new and unique, he clings to what he knows until lured into new territory.

This will be the third of three Super Moons.  The Moon is at her closest point to the earth, and is in alignment with the Sun (syzygy).   All this heightens the pull of the tides, the shifting of tectonic plates and movement in our interior space.

Sarah Fuhro July 17, 2013    www.sarahfuhro.com    sarahbeagl@aol.com   

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