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Moon Snake       Sarah Fuhro

Moon snake hangs like a ripe crescent

from a tropical branch, over my pillow.

Creamy white fur, white feathers,

stacked like tiny leaves,

a white rope in the clean wind,

a sickle, ready to harvest,

a dream, a Moon snake.


Moon snake sways

over the bed where I lie asleep.


Moon snake lowers

a leafy white body.


Fangs bite me sharp upon the sternum.

Poison sweeps through me.

The toxic potion excites my heart,

but stills my body. Paralysis: the river

where my blood flows is stopped.

I can’t move. I am done and undone.


In the morning I begin again.

While Moon snake, like the wind

has moved on.


Triskelion Drawing with birth goddess BL                          Bruce Lhuillier

Saturday, the New Moon in Scorpio offers a huge dose of potential creativity. Five celestial players in Scorpio will teach us to go deeper, beyond death, beyond birth, through the gates of chaos, through darkness and brilliant light. When challenged by Scorpionic forces we can always pull the blankets over our head, sit very still and see what happens, or take part in the action. The creativity of Scorpio is held in the seeds of the plants, which die in this season.   We cut down the plants in our garden and so we scatter the seeds.

                                sepia cattails                              photo: Sarah Fuhro

This is the lunar month of Ngetal, the Reed. Ngetal stands knee deep in cold muddy water. He is not afraid of the chaos of transformation, where he lives. A swamp is a place of tremendous creativity and potential.   Trump’s call to ‘drain the swamp’ should warn us of how dangerous it is to be fearful of what cannot be named or categorized.   Swamps start the life process over and over. Sometimes they smell funny or harbor swarms of insects, but they are also a banquet for birds and mammals. They hold water during drought and absorb water in times of flood.   They are places of refuge for the hunted beast, the runaway slave, the child Moses in his basket of reeds.

bird in swamp                  photo: Robert Fuhro

The creative potential of this chart deepens when we look at the role played by Saturn. Saturn continues his fiery connection to the catalyst Uranus. This combination is one of the planetary signatures of this time, when the world seems to be in constant crisis. Saturn is traveling through the sign of Sagittarius where he wants to solidify spirit. The Sabian Symbol for Saturn’s degree is ‘A Sculptor at his Work. The ability to project one’s vision upon and to give form to materials.’ Amidst all the energetic sparks from the intense combination of planet energy, there is a focus upon a beautiful form, which is held in the collective but expressed through the individual.

big head in Carlisle                                  photo: Sarah Fuhro

New Moon in Scorpio 2017


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