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This full Moon in Pisces arrives to mend some of the painful heat of the solar eclipse.   The angry, hot fire of the Mars Sun combination in Leo, cools down in earthy Virgo and watery Pisces, soothed by a Pisces Neptune as a healing companion to the Moon.

Two Water Lilliesphoto: Robert Fuhro

The best effects of the Leo Solar Eclipse, are held in Neptune, the healing companion. Neptune’s Sabian Symbol is: ‘An ancient sword, used in many battles is displayed in a museum.’ Will Power, is the key to this degree. It was will power channeled through the loving heart of Leo, which kept the heat from burning into destruction. So many people spoke to me of the glowing cinders left from this eclipse. Fire and a sword seemed inevitable, but the sword seems to have been the surgeon’s blade, and the fire cauterized the wound.

Connor with swordsphoto: Sarah Fuhro

The warrior Mars who was close companion to the Sun at the time of the eclipse has moved into quiet, earth-bound Virgo.

Venus, lady of love is at an exact degree of Leo to be in sync with Sun and Moon and Neptune, yet at a strange angle, where you have to search to find her.

Mercury remains in Leo, newly released from his retrograde motion at the exact degree where the eclipse took place. Perhaps he will give us further information about the significance of this nationwide event that held so many of us enthralled, watching the sky. It’s a nice synchronicity that the degree of the eclipse, and of Mercury’s entry into direct motion tells a story of a ‘mermaid who emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form.’ Now we have a full Moon in close connection to Neptune, king of seas.

Full Moon in Pisces

The Leo Venus is at a degree, which is about the self-actualization of the human soul.   The message is to ‘let the soul speak out!’   There are consequences to be paid when the true nature, power and desire of the soul are obstructed. How can you let some part of yourself be expressed at this time of fullness?   Where can you find a deep reflection of your soul’s singular message in nature?

winter clematisphoto: Sarah Fuhro

When you follow the Moon’s cycle and the seasons of the year, a deep and pervasive alignment with creativity takes place.   Magical events occur when there is a conversation with the mystery of the world. Perhaps the heavy hand of Pluto in earthy trine to the Sun will help us to see the weight of this and each precious moment of the Moon’s journey each month. The asteroid Pallas Athena in earth sign Taurus makes the third point of this triangle which speaks of the earth’s bounty and graciousness.

grapesphoto: Sarah Fuhro


Rabbit       Sarah Fuhro

Rabbit tells me that summer

is finished and harvest

comes next.

All the burnt offerings

to the sun paid off in results

no one could predict in springtime.


This bunny bounds over the dead logs

that block the forest path. The bushes

that have ripened each week stop rabbit

not at all from her crazy zig-zag.

The sound of her little forest feet

is like the beating of my heart,.

Her excietement is in my stomach,

in my guts and loins as I pick up

my scattered traveling trunk.


Little rabbit leaps

like the wild grape vine,

now here and now there.

Tiny green witch hands

of the vine grasp hooks

which spell out in the end: spiral.


Seems so sudden, the dusty grape

takes precedence over the berry,

and the Salmon thinks–return.


The Salmon remembers the pool

of the hazel nuts, still far away,

but available for renewal, to heal

a worn out journey, taken in heat

that now seems so wearisome.


Bunny in leavesphoto: Robert Fuhro
Sarah Fuhro      sarahfuhro@gmail.com
Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive
The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To learn more, please visit www.sarahfuhro.com.





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A few days before the new Moon, we see her rise as a wisp in the light of dawn.   Hard to catch her on a morning so close to the Summer Solstice when light begins early and stays late. Yet this is the new Moon in Cancer, the sign most associated with Moon, and the qualities of Moon: flux, cycles, emotions, the sea, security, family. Friday, the day of the new Moon, she rises in Massachusetts just before 5:00 am and is entirely lost in the brightness of her partner the Sun.   There is a way in which the new Moon in Cancer is a secondary Solstice.   It’s all about merging with a light much brighter than her own.   Yet she is luminary quite as important in astrology as the Sun.

bas relief king musician and stars BL                        photo: Bruce Lhuillier

The Sun has reached his highest point at the Solstice. We are filled with light and heat. Animals and plants celebrate.

Sunset on Provincetown dunes                photo: Sarah Fuhro

Mercury is lost in this light, so he must speak in Moon language.   Perhaps he is the young prince in the Tarot card which represents Cancer. The Chariot is a good metaphor for the Moon who represents  constant movement and the passage of time.

The Chariot.jpg

The Sabian Symbol for the degree shared by Sun and Moon is a strange one for the gateway  of Sumer! Maybe it marks the Solstice moment with a reminder that we now enter six months of fading light. ‘ A man bundled in fur leads a shaggy deer. The need to overcome stagnation and cold during a test of endurance.’

While the season is lighthearted, the mood of this new Moon cycle is quite serious. Venus arrives in a degree of Taurus, which says the ‘test of endurance’ has been passed. She is ‘A new continent rising out of the ocean, A surge of new potential after the crisis. Spontaneity.’

Sea and Stickphoto: Robert Fuhro

Birth never comes out of nowhere. There is always a season of gestation. Will I be able to see and embrace what wants to be born in my life? Will you?

Eastern comma           photo: Robert Fuhro 

At the moment of the Solstice, the Moon occupies the same degree of Taurus where Venus stands to greet Sun and Moon. The power of the feminine reverberates throughout this chart, and Venus holds the reins.  But the feminine is always more difficult to see and comprehend. Her light is the Moon, not the bright Sun.

Burney relief.jpg

                                           Queen of the Night1800 and 1750 BCE Mesopotamia

Venus  is in a relationship with the lord of the Underworld, Pluto. She is the recipient of the rage and glee of Black Moon Lilith, she points to Jupiter in his sign of marriage and karma. She shakes the isolation of Vesta, queen of the hearth, and dances with Mars. She is indeed the new land arising from the water of mystery. She takes form in  those who have the power to see her.

faerie hands BL
                                                photo: Bruce Lhuillier

Neptune who rules the seas relates to Venus as well; the mystery of the boundless love, which holds all of creation. There is a song of gratitude held in this chart, the beginning of an awakened relationship between the distracted human mind and the unbending focus of the planet.

Assateague sun rise:set?              photo: Robert Fuhro

Summer Solstice 2107


New Moon in Cancer 2017Sarah Fuhro

Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive
The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To learn more, please visit www.sarahfuhro.com.

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Strange Gods, New Medicine   Tuesday, 13 December 2016


fulll-moon-in-gemini-2016It’s a full Moon; Sun and Moon are on opposites sides of the chart, and as the Sun sets, the Moon rises.   The Sun is in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. There is a strange mixture of kindness, curiosity and joyful optimism that sometimes flips and becomes fanaticism, and intolerance in Sagittarius. Perhaps this is because Jupiter, king of all the gods rules this sign, and like many monarchs, he is jolly until he is crossed.

Meanwhile the Moon is in airy Gemini, lots of talk and the ever spinning brain. Gemini Moon can think her way out of emotional turmoil, but also needs to communicate feelings in order for them to be real. Mercury rules this sign and the ‘jazziness’ of energy which he creates is often poured into multi tasking, non stop talking, and feverish excitement until exhaustion sets in. Yet there is a deep resilience and renewal to this Moon sign!

Mercury and Jupiter are very different gods…Jupiter is the king, Mercury his servant hermes-and-zeusmessenger, but like many servants, he has a kind of freedom forbidden to monarchs. Jupiter is known for his stormy marriage to Juno and endless sexual conquests of mortals and gods. Mercury is more androgynous. He is also promiscuous, and some say he has a daughter with Venus, but no marriage for him!   Notice his floppy hat!

With each full Moon we have the opportunity to integrate opposite signs, and to bridge our understanding of polarity.   We all contain these contradictions and instead of trying to repress one side or another, the full Moon says: embrace it all, and create a dance of the whole mess!

odin-in-hatThere is another opposition in this chart as well. This is one I would call the Odin pattern. Uranus and his companions Eris (chaos) and Ceres look across the chart to Jupiter.   Like the Sun and Moon they are in signs of Fire and Air. Odin, like Uranus is not about established tribal order, but more about the new ways. He is known as the ‘Wanderer.’ He wears a floppy hat, like Mercury and is missing one eye, which he surrendered in order to acquire deep wisdom. Like all interesting gods, he is full of contradiction.   His name can be translated as ‘Master of Ecstasy.’ He is concerned with war, wisdom, magic, shamanism, poetry and the dead.   His gift is the Runes, a magical alphabet. . His connection to Uranus in Aries makes him much like Prometheus, who brought fire to humanity. Jupiter is in Libra at this time. Uranus and the gang are in Aries, another god of war. Jupiter in Libra suggests a deep concern with law and order. But Uranus suggests upheaval and anger. The Shamanic process of Death, Purification and Renewal are Odin’s qualities and indicated in this full Moon chart.

The theme of Odin continues. Mercury and Pluto square this Uranus/Jupiter opposition, further emphasis on the Death (Pluto) and poetry (Mercury) aspect of Odin’s character. Here he is at Standing Rock, walking the battlefield as he was known to do.


That battle is far from over, and most of us expect further conflicts between the people’s forces of Uranus/Eris/Ceres and the power of big business (Jupiter). Pluto is associated with oil, and he and Mercury are in the sign of Capricorn, government and corporations. The T-square in this chart opens out to the sign of Cancer, the sign of home, the wisdom of the Moon, the emotional tides.   Here we may find the healing we need, the wisdom Odin found when he hung from the World Tree, Yggdrasil, where the Runes are carved.   He pierced himself with his spear, and gazed into the Well of Urd, from which Yggdrasil grows and he learned the secret of the Runes. He says:  “given to Odin, myself to myself.”  This might be the medicine we need at this time, the ability to give away ego, in order to learn a new medicine for the World.

odin-cavalier-1Here is Odin on his eight legged horse, Sleipnir. He carries his sword, Gugnir and is accompanied by his ravens: Huginn and Muninn. He had the power to bind and unbind the human mind, symbolized in the interlocking triangles called Valknut. Like the astrology chart, this is the eternal movement of the Universe.

Hermes and Zeus http://www.theoi.com/image/K12.14Dionysos.jpg

Odin in his floppy hat: George von Rosen       https://upload.wikimedia.org

Scene from Standing Rock: Zhooniya Ogitchida

Odin Cavalier: Bruce Lhuillier

Sarah Fuhro Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive
The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To learn more, please visit www.sarahfuhro.com.

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apple blossomsThis new Moon would be a perfect moment to reaffirm vows to the Earth. It takes place at 16° Taurus, close to the astrological degree of Beltane, 15° Taurus. The Sun and Moon are embraced by Mercury and Venus and twirl in a earthy grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto.   Take a moment to celebrate the sweetness of the unfolding spring fire in earthy form.

Friday (Venus’ Day), May 6 is the day of all this earthy and Venusian energy. If you take a moment to join in the chorus of bird, beast and flower you will never feel ‘alone’ again!

Mercury in Taurus, represents Gwalchmai, ‘the Hawk ofGawain and the Green Knight May’, Gawain in the Arthurian stories. He is a powerful yet compassionate knight, Arthur’s nephew, and one of the sons of Lot from Orkney. His most famous story is Gawain and the Green Knight, when his honesty is tested, and although not perfect, proves who he really is.

And the new Moon tests our mettle; we travel through darkness and even after Sun and Moon have met, the darkness continues, so we don’t always recognize a beginning when we are already there! We often have to launch our boat in the dark of the Moon so that when she can be seen setting at twilight as a crescent, we are already on our new voyage.

The Moon is ‘exalted’ in Taurus. She likes it there! Taurus is under the rule of Venus so to have Venus in Taurus in close proximity showers us with the beauty and power of love, which this planet represents. The degree for Venus in this chart is associated with ‘The ability to create inner happiness in dark hours. Faith in cyclic renewal.’  By watching the cycle of the Moon and the seasons wherever we live, we gain a tremendous power to be regenerated. Holidays are an important way to be aware of the continuous change, which marks our lives, and which has the power to give us a sense of hope in discouraging times.

Taurus New Moon 2016Mercury’s Sabian Symbol is ‘white dove flying over troubled waters. The spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis.‘ Again, as with Mercury, we are offered a hand during a time of crisis. Perhaps these symbols of hope are offered by the embracing arms of Mercury and Venus to the conjunction of Sun and Moon because their symbol represents a crisis, personal or societal, or both: ‘A symbolical battle between “swords” and “torches.”  Refusing to depend upon the past, the seeker turns warrior, fighting anew the eternal “Great War,” a polarization of values.’   It feels as if we are given world wide view of the those who favor swords, and those who favor torches. People are in a struggle to understand which will bring us closer to peace.

Each of us must battle to understand and make a connection to our soul through each lifetime. We are bodies of light, yet struggle with illusion.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.’     Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

It is the Earth element, which might come to our aid.   If we look at the the EmpressJupiter/Pluto/Sun/Moon trine in Earth, we can get a glimpse of hope in troubled times.

Our feet walk the Earth. Like The Empress, the Tarot card who represents Venus. We are at home here, when we take time to lie back in the arms of the Beloved Mother. We are given a triskele of Earth on this new Moon day. Jupiter opens and blesses, Pluto deepens and empowers. There is constant motion in this shape, whirling and moving through space in a shape reminiscent of a galaxy.

triskele   galazy spiral



With the quickening of the year,

I too, catch fire,

and go up in flames,

and come down in rain.


And I know now

what the ancients knew’

we are born to burn out,

and to return as light.


This all happens in a flash.

In a frog’s mantle,

as we leap and dance,

in the Beltane flame.


Sarah Fuhro April 30, 2016

 Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive
The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To learn more, please visit www.sarahfuhro.com.


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