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moon ladyThe full Moon in Cancer of December 25, will fill the sky on Christmas Eve, and be exact at 6:11 am EST on Christmas Day.  She is in her most comfortable sign, oceanic, while dedicated to home; moody, yet focused on feelings of maternal compassion. Cancer Moon vibrates to ancient cycles, and still hears the ancestral lunar wisdom.

This particular Moon Lady holds a crescent Moon in the form of a bison horn. Taurus, the Bison, is the Moon’s sign of exaltation. Scratched on the horn/crescent she holds are thirteen lines for the number of lunar cycles in a year.  This is a reminder that the Moon is the calendar.

This delight in the Moon and her cycle continued into Christian times, butvirgin with snake and crescent the Moon lady now wears clothes…..and always  seems to be shown standing on the Moon, as if to over come lunar power. Snakes are wrapped around the crescent in this painting to warn of the danger of the Moon’s power.

The Tarot card which corresponds to the Moon is pictured in this same way, with the crescent Moon underfoot. Yet this High Pristess card is symbolic of the reserves of ancestral wisdom available to those who follow the Moon’s course..

What was it like when the Moon was fully expressed in the stone age world and the female body?

What does it mean for feminine energy to be constricted into purity rather than overflowing with fertility, creativity,    abundance?

Cancer is deeply invested in finding the right moment for the right action. After all, the Moon is the first timepiece. With the Cancer full Moon opposite the Capricorn Sun, we have the opportunity to feel the rhythm of our life in the here and now (Cancer), connected to earthy Capricorn’s intuitive knowledge of how to create what we know comes next. During the quiet time that follows the Solstice, and the full Moon excitement of Christmas, we all get some space for contemplation. Do we like what we are constructing (Capricorn Sun)? Does it feel as if our life expresses some special task or responsibility, unique to ourselves and in alignment with the tides (Cancer Moon)?

‘Tell me, what else should I have done?

Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon?

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?’ The Summer Day.

—Mary Oliver

Full Moon of Dec 25, 2105We are living in a time of tension, a reflection of the Uranus Pluto square.   On Christmas Day, the planet Uranus stands direct after many months of retrograde motion.   The pressure of this combination continues to be felt, much like being caught between a huge argument by angry giants. Yet this often gives the hero in fairy tales, the opportunity to run off with the treasure, so we must find the opportunity in these tumultuous times to find a new way under the noses of the angry giants who tell us there is only one right way.    Uranus is in Aries, the sign of the rebel warrior, Pluto, like the Sun, is in Capricorn, and is pointing out the flaws in the construction of business and government. Sometimes it is easier to be destructive than constructive. Perhaps it’s actually part of the plan like the waxing and waning Moon.

Enjoy this full Moon. It comes at a time of change, the world over, as we experience the return of light or the diminishment of the day.   Jupiter and Venus are in sextile so we are showered with generosity in a season dedicated to generosity.   Don’t be afraid to enjoy the largesse!

Here are two little musicians to play dance music for you! One plays the flute, the other a clarinet.

Here are the Moon rise times for next few days of full Moon:

December 23 4:05pm

December 24 4:58pm

December 25 5:54 pm full moon

December 26 6:54 pm


Solstice by the Sea  Sarah Fuhro

Upon the sheer high cliff,

over the sea,

dancing, running in place,

shouting names,

rain streaming down in torrents,

in walls, like the walls

around old seaside villas,

rough as stucco,

blank, haughty.

No entry.


My dog runs by my side,

wet through,

ears in motion
with his exertion,

blinded by the down pour.

Solstice almost here.

Dawn on the first day of Return.


Transformed to icy pellets,

rain shoots
through me and doggy.

Shoots in arrows,

arrives in spears.


Clothes mean nothing.

Turn in place and run backwards,

face averted from the icy blast.

Turn to face again.

The sea and the shore are one.


In the last day
of triumph over light,

retains her power,

to pierce,
to cleanse.

to declare winter shall begin.


Sarah Fuhro sarahfuhro@gmail.com…………..Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive

The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To learn more, please visit www.sarahfuhro.com.










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It’s Almost Time

It’s almost time,
almost time for the change in light
but almost time
for the poor and weak to reach out
their trembling hands to each other and to grasp.

It’s almost time
for the kind to smile
and be seen
in all their glory,
for the shift in power.

It’s almost time
for the silenced to sing
and for the earth to receive the sweet rain
of justice as it falls on ploughed fields.

It’s almost time to be brave
and to go the next step
without knowing how.

It’s almost time
for the knowledge of the Moon
to rise in the dark sky and let us know
there is more than one way
to see the road ahead.

Sarah Fuhro December 2007

Jupiter, Venus and the Moon December 8th

The waning Moon in company with Jupiter and Venus

Friday will begin a new lunar cycle at 5:29 am. 19° Sagittarius is the location for the Sun and Moon meet up. Jupiter and Venus have adorned the dawn sky with the waning Moon for days. Now we shall have a Moonless sky for a few days until she comes out of the Sun’s bright beams.

A few hours into the new Moon my husband and I will drive to New Hampshire’s state capital to stand with friends and fellow Druids who oppose a gas pipeline scheduled to cut through the state. All of this plays against the backdrop of the climate meetings in Paris, which started with high hopes and now seem to be floundering in efforts by government to be FOR protecting the climate, but not for any action, which might make a difference. A new Moon in Sagittarius seems like the opportunity to begin anew with the high hopes of this sign.

Sagittarius is associated with high ideals, but it seems ideals can also be candle light vigildangerous! Famous for tolerance, Sagittarius will not tolerate disagreement! The Sagittarian spirit helps us enjoy people from other cultures and backgrounds, but will also be quick to judge difference. Perhaps this conflict between enthusiastic idealism and the potential for harsh fanaticism is reflected in the mixture of human and horse, the symbol of the sign. It is often those who are most uncomfortable with their animal self, who feel the need to crush the life out of others. (more…)

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