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Maybe, because this is the new Moon in Gemini, we are ‘seeing double.’ As well as the exact conjunction between the Moon and Sun which marks the moment of the new Moon, we also have Mars, god of war positioned at the same degree of Gemini with Pallas Athena, goddess of war. Let us hope this does not auger more war than already exists in the world. Pallas is also an indicator of deep wisdom, and Mars can be the vital energy necessary to get things accomplished, so perhaps we can use this aspect between them to envision vital wisdom!

             Mars and Pallas Athena are square to Neptune, god of the seas, compassionate peacemaker and the source of romantic impulses. Might Neptune in Pisces provide a balance to the talk (Gemini’s specialty) of conflict?  This will not be direct, as Neptune does not work in linear fashion. But the desire by some to get involved in the very complex conflict in the middle East will be plunged in watery confusion by Neptune. 

            Venus and Saturn are also involved with Neptune.  This configuration is a grand trine in the water element.  The possibility for the manifestation (Saturn) of a universal love (Neptune/Venus) might enter our thoughts and communication (Gemini).      

            We see from this chart a continuation of multiple planets in the sign of the Sun and Moon, which has been a theme over the last many months.  Jupiter joins Sun/Moon and Mars/ Athena, as the fifth member of the Gemini stellium.  It is almost as if the planets offer us a primer in the signs, Moon by Moon. ’Here, learn about Gemini!’ Gemini  teaches us polarity—Sun/Moon, light/dark, male/female and then offers a way to transcend  polarity into wholeness.             All these planets in Gemini may help us talk about the many issues offered  by the Pluto-Uranus square which continues to demand deep (Pluto) and revolutionary (Uranus) change.   The very structure of organizations all over the world will be and is presently shaken up.   The world is in the process of reorganization in this time of technical and relational evolution, symbolized in the pattern of the new Moon.           

            Corporations and government are under particular scrutiny because of Pluto’s residence in the sign of structure, Capricorn.  The collapse of buildings whether in Bangladesh or Philadelphia is symbolic of the reminder that even solid structures can fall apart, especially when those in  charge of inspection and oversight do not do their jobs. 

            Uranus will respond with the indiscriminate desire for change, but Pluto may pull the building down around him in order to resist change.  In their square they will push and pull and shred what will not evolve.  We hear the word ‘survival,’ security’ and ‘reality’ bandied about.  Here is a powerful quote about reality I received in a blog today. “Look at what realists have done for us. They have led us to war and climate change, poverty on an unimaginable scale, and wholesale ecological destruction. Half of humanity goes to bed hungry because of all the realistic leaders in the world. I tell people who call me “unrealistic” to show me what their realism has done. Realism is an outdated, overplayed and wholly exaggerated concept.”   –Satish Kumar.  Instead, Kumar says reverence for nature should be at the heart of every political and social debate.


            And how does this feel to all of us as we are charged with the chattering Gemini while feeling the impetus of Pluto and Uranus to change what we don’t like, while we resist changes to what we do like?   It can make you feel drawn into the Neptune vortex of escape into bliss. Addiction, music and a wave of spiritual connection are all possibilities.  Will we communicate our connection to one another for support and community, or merely confuse ourselves with decisions that feel momentous?  Gemini’s mutable nature can make us feel ‘yes no’ about everything this weekend.  Enjoy the nature of indecision and the natural desire to have both sides of every issue.  

            The new Moon in Gemini is close to the Star Rigel, the brightest star in Orion.  Rigel is the place in the sky where we can find the integration of matter and spirit.  This may be the highest manifestation of  the ‘twinship’ of Gemini. 

            Constrictive Saturn who rules Capricorn, is in that water trine with Neptune and Venus.  This will be a hard time to pin down Saturn’s demands because Neptune likes to go with the flow.   You may find those who appear to have power over you (Saturn) are actually baffled when they meet with your non violent Venus Neptune response to their demands.  

            This chart suggests that we all have our preconceived view of the world and only through careful and compassionate communication can we create a society where we are all at home.  Mercury and Gemini have connections with siblings.  If we believe that we all belong to one family on earth, this Moon cycle offers the opportunity to feel that universal connection.  


            Here is the Sabian Symbol for the degree of Sun and Moon as we begin a new journey with them:  A LARGE ARCHAIC VOLUME REVEALS A TRADITIONAL WISDOM.

KEYNOTE: Contacting the all-human planetary Mind underlying any cultural and personal mentality.

In the meantime, until Saturday,  we are in the dark phase of the Moon and may be quite willing to let go of what no longer holds vitality.  At the full Moon we will be close to the moment of the solstice and we will look at that chart as well!  Until then enjoy the long twilight and early dawn that graces this time of the year here in the Northern hemisphere. Image

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