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Insomnia editThe full Moon of August 18 is tightly interwoven with other planets and asteroids! There is a lot of pressure from these ‘aspects’ to the Sun and Moon, just as there is on us as human beings when we use our power, or feel the limits of our power, or take joy in or regret the way we have used power. The subject of power is always part of our lives, a challenge we feel daily, and which astrologers constantly weigh in charts.Sun in Leo has traditional power reserved for this sign.   Just as the lion is the ‘king of the beasts,’ Leo Sun is imbued with heightened power. And so in astrology, the sign, placement and aspects to each planet are weighed to understand how it feels to be in a particular moment.

The fiery Leo Sun beats down on us in the Northern Hemisphere, but the Aquarius Moon has a cool, balanced nature to give us the relief we need from summer heat.

This particular Sun Moon opposition falls across my astrology chart’s horizon line. AugustFull Moon of Aquarius 2016
18 is the day the Sun comes back into play for me each year as it touches down on my Ascendant, and enters the First House. On this day, light. the moment of dawn, I no longer must feel my way through the dark, but can see again! Each of us has this day, which follows a month of dark Sun, but like night the Sun’s journey through our Twelfth House has special gifts!






Christ collage edited

How we deal with time and the passage of time is one of the themes here. Are we afraid of time, feel ‘pressed’ for time, or worry about time so that we can’t live in the present moment, eternal time, dance with time. That’s one reason to celebrate the full Moon, alone, or in a group. It’s a moment in time, which reoccurs monthly to bring heightened consciousness.




Shaman collage

Every few years I get caught up in collage.  The chart for this event seems perfect for collage illustrations. Like an astrology chart, a collage has disparate pieces, which must come together with acknowledgement to all the other bits. And, like an astrology chart, certain aspects of the whole picture will jump out with greater importance.






Angels's back collage edit

The aspect, which catches my attention in this chart, is the relationship between the planet Uranus and the Sun and Moon. Electrical Uranus is in Aries, a sign of fire, courage, anger, sexuality. Uranus has a close companion, Eris, a dwarf planet, named for the sister of the god Aries. She is the divinity of Chaos. We have all noticed the effects of Uranus and Eris in conjunction. There seems to be a pounding quality to the times, or are we just more aware of the sudden and unexpected events which transform the world around us? We seem to be like grain on a mill stone. Will we turn into flour or dust?  This question seems to be in the Sabian Symbol for Uranus today: ‘The possibility for man to gain experience at two levels of being. The revelation of new potentialities.’   This is the energy (Uranus traveling through Aries) available, if we dare to use it.    This is the challenge of each full Moon.  Regal Leo and Humanitarian Aquarius both have a place in our consciousness.

There is another opposition which seems significant..Neptune and Venus are on opposite sides of the chart. Venus is about love, beauty, regeneration, and Shaman and drumNeptune is also about love, a love that goes beyond time, the essence of love, the oceanic quality of love. To be in contact with this love, ecstatic, universal, it is necessary to release judgment, ego, and self criticism. The way to this is not part of our culture, although it never disappears completely. The Sabian Symbol for this degree of Neptune, suggests one technique: ‘In the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood, newly initiated members are being examined and their character tested. ‘ This was part of the secret societies which were prevalent in pre Christian Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, the societies of Orpheus and Persephone and Isis. All included stories of Hades (Pluto) and the journey into the Underworld. They seem to have in common, a disappearance of the outer society’s hierarchy, e.g. women and slaves are treated as equals to free men, and there is a process of death and rebirth which is experienced over and over again.

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Photo  Credit: Ferns on North Pack   Robert Fuhro


Insomnia, Bruce Lhuillier

Christ, Bruce Lhuillier

The Shaman’s Lesson, Sarah Fuhro

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