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A Vast Public Park!

Taurus Sun and Moon are meeting in a ‘vast public park’, according to their Sabian Symbol!   There they will celebrate the shared joys of May, the pleasures of Taurus energy, earthy, sensual, imbued with the beauty and love of Venus, ‘ruler’ of this sign. Taurus is fixed, marks the fire festival of Beltane,  and keeps an ancient reverence for the feminine, celebrated all over the ancient world 5,000 years ago, during the ‘Age of Taurus.’   This was a period of huge public processions and gatherings, when tribes met in peace during the season of Beltane to find love and comfort in each other’s presence.

apple blossoms                      photo: Sarah Fuhro

The constellation Taurus marked the two halves of the year for many ancient people. Taurus contains the Pleiades and the Hyades, two important and highly visible star clusters.   At Beltane the Pleiades rise at dawn. At Samhain (late October), they rise at sun set. It’s hard for us to see these great wheels turn in the sky from season to season, but when we do they enrich our understanding of the meaning of change in our lives. Astrology, which came from ancient observation is one way to enjoy and interact with the turn of the cosmic wheel, and to remember that nothing stays the same, but is always in process of transformation.

New Moon in Taurus 2018

Sun and Moon feel the action of Mars, Pluto, and Black Moon Lilith, from their position in another Earth sign, Capricorn.   Mars and Pluto make demands upon the luminaries in their Taurus embrace to manifest their love, because Capricorn demands material evidence.   We may also feel that strong energetic push to make something visible during this season of Venus, whether a new child or piece of art.   Black Moon Lilith is always a reminder of whatever we might choose to forget or ignore. Pluto is also the revealer of truth as we see week after week during this time of revealed sexual secrets.

gnome face in the woods BL                                    photo: Bruce Lhuillier

But the planet most energized at the new Moon is Uranus.  Always on the move, electric, rebellious,  Uranus will move into the sign of Taurus later this day.   This might have a huge impact on earth energy since Taurus is very associated with the element of earth and there is the extra impact of a new Moon cycle. On the day Uranus went into the sign of Aries in 2011, Fukushima was struck by a huge tsunami, and nuclear plant melt down.   But Taurus is a sign of love of the earth. What if the entry of Uranus into Taurus on May 15, hours after the new Moon, becomes a moment of intense victory for the earth, a joyous appreciation shared by enough people to turn our self destruction into passionate appreciation of the beauty and grace of our home?

Gingko Leaf with Dew BL                      photo: Bruce Lhuillier

Despite all the heavy interaction between planets, asteroids and luminaries, between cosmic bodies visible and invisible, this new Moon, embraced and hidden in the light of the Taurus Sun contains the potential for a new way of seeing the world.  Love and kindness are always there, waiting for us to notice.

It’s Almost Time

It’s almost time.

almost time for the change in the light,

but almost time for the poor and weak

to reach out their trembling hands

to each other and to grasp.

It’s almost time for the kind to smile

and be seen

in all their glory,

for the shift in power.


It’s almost time for the silenced to sing,

and for the earth to receive the sweet rain

of justice as it falls on ploughed fields.


It’s almost time to be brave,

and to go the next step

without knowing how.


It’s almost time for the Moon

to rise in the dark sky and let us know

there is more than one way

to see the road ahead.


– Sarah Fuhro






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Once again, the new Moon falls at the final degrees of the Sun’s sign, in this case Taurus. It illustrates the saying: ‘In the end is the beginning; in the beginning is the end. ‘   Moon and Sun come together just before the Sun leaves Taurus, and so offers each of us the opportunity to wrap up old projects, and concerns and to prepare for new perspectives. Taurus is the world in slow motion as, here in New England, we watch the unfurling of green life all around us!

Mayapple and Solomon Seal

photo: Sarah Fuhro

 In my garden, May Apple and Solomon Seal, two local wildflowers open to the Sun, while hardy pansies thrive in their shade. The earth explodes with unleashed fertility.  Taurus is ‘ruled’ by Venus, the lady of love and beauty.   You can see her footprint everywhere in the green that now covers what only recently was buried in a deep layer of snow. So too, our bodies, brains and hearts are connected to the moods of the seasons. The Sun’s journey through the constellations of the zodiac, takes us along. We experience the deep sensuality of Taurus, and as we approach the airy mental realm of Gemini, we can express and communicate what we have learned in earthy Taurus.

New Moon in Taurus

The Moon is ‘exalted’ when she is in Taurus. It’s the perfect Moon to work in the garden! The power of the Moon was fully acknowledged during the Age of Taurus, 5,000 years ago. The Lunar mysteries were ritualized and imaged. Time was measured by the cycle of the Moon, and the fertility of the Moon and earth were acknowledged with deep gratitude!

moon goddesshttp://truetohernature.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/PaleolithicMother.jpg

The new Moon will take place on the cusp between Sunday and Monday May 16-17. Here in the Eastern time zone the moment will be at in the first few minutes of Monday morning, another message about the end and the beginning.   Later in the day on Monday, Mercury will turn retrograde in the sign of Gemini. Whatever you been hearing as chatter in your inner ear, may take on an even more powerful voice, as Mercury revisits old territory.   When he stands direct he will have traveled back to the degree where he was around May 3rd. Issues left to dangle have a second chance to be resolved.   With both Mars and Mercury in airy Gemini, the desire to ‘do something’ is powerful.   But sit a moment in this Taurus new Moon and contemplate what stillness might bring.


 Jupiter and June are conjunct on May 17-18. They are husband (Zeus) and wife (Hera). Although renowned for their marital battles, this configuration might represent a moment of sweet peace. We are in the process of moving into new notions of sexuality as we enter the Age of Aquarius.   Our culture is more open to understanding sex as a spectrum rather than a polarity, with the knowledge we are all a mixture of male and female.   Juno and Jupiter form a ‘Yod’ (planetary relationship) with Pluto and Mercury. Mercury is a kind of unisex character himself. The outlet for the Mercury and Juno/Jupiter combination is Pluto who represents a threat or repression when ignored, but empowerment when acknowledged and honored. As the new Moon grows, we may hear more (Mercury’s contribution) about marriage, same-sex marriage, or the role of men and women within marriage.


 For each of us, this Yod with the conjunction of Juno and Jupiter represents  the opportunity to consider whether we are ready for the sacred marriage (Hieros Gamos) within. This takes place when we release our Plutonic fears of what we would be if we acknowledged male and female elements in equal parts. The Sacred Marriage was a pursuit of the alchemists and of Carl Jung. They followed an ancient path left by the imagery and stories of the marriages between the ancient gods, and between gods and humans. In the alchemical picture below we see the symbol of Gemini. This is the next sign the Sun will enter. Gemini is the location of Mercury and Venus in this chart.  Venus, ruler of Taurus is located evenly between the Juno Jupiter pair and Mercury. Through love, will we discover the unifying principle of this process? There are clues here that our bodies are constructed to be both male and female and that the nervous system, ruled by Gemini moves back and forth between positive and negative energies.

sacred marriage for text

The Lovers card from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck is a simplified version of this card. It represents ‘choice,’ and corresponds to the sign of Gemini.   At every moment we are given the chance to acknowledge the divinity within and around us.

The Truth About May  

Where will the line begin

to tell the truth about May?

Under the wand of the Lady

we are led to deep joy

by way of the road of sorrow.

Sarah Fuhro       1 May 2015

Sarah Fuhro


Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive

The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To learn more, please visit www.sarahfuhro.com.

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Noble disguise:

I assert rightness and truth, not just for my self but, for everyone’s sake

Noble distraction:

I am called to take action and not sit around. I must strike first before I am struck. If I don’t get my idea out first, someone else will steal it.
I must get to the front of the line so I won’t have to wait or be disappointed because there is not enough for everyone.
My aggressive tendencies will be noticed and I will be attacked.

Underlying fear:

There isn’t a self-I don’t exist except in action or movement. Is it safe to be here?

Resolved Self:

All the Universe resounds with the cry ‘I am.’
You and I are One. Promotion of Self is promotion of ALL selves


Noble disguise:

I assert love and devotion for the earth and all things of the earth

Noble distraction:

It’s important to stop and appreciate the road I travel. Also to make sure it’s the right road and the right way to travel. I had better be sure before I go any further. How can I be sure the future will be what I want if I can’t see, hear, touch, smell or feel it?
Is there enough?
Why doesn’t life flow more smoothly?
Is what’s happening now as good as what happened in the past or what might happen in the future?
Why can’t I have more pleasure?

Underlying fear:

I can’t have what I want.
Form and material is all there is

Resolved Self:

As above so below, as below, so above.

I am a force of Nature


Noble disguise:

I am an expert at mental flexibility

Noble distraction:

It’s important to cover every possible avenue of activity and thought.
I will be devastated if anyone points out a blind spot.
Once I commit to a decision I fear I will be trapped by the limits of that choice. I certainly don’t want to become obsessed or one sided.
I can take care of any unpleasant feelings with my powerful thought process, which comforts me with Mercurial agreement.

Underlying fear:

I may be quite mad. The ticking of my brain is what is causing my indecision.
I will cease to exist if I am not in motion between two ideas/ideals/contrasts etc. I will cease to exist if I stay still/in one place

Resolved Self

I am a thought of the great thinker
I am a microcosmic version of the macrocosmic reality of the necessity of Diversity.


Noble disguise:

I give until it hurts- caring more than anyone else does.  I know what the correct emotional stance should be in this situation.

Noble distraction:

The tides must be right before I take any action. Is the Moon in the right phase and sign for me to proceed? At what time and on what day should I proceed?
Are other people out there doing this too, or will I look like some kind of oddball? Who will support me and back me up?

Underlying fear:

There is no rhyme or reason to anything. I will be left without support and nurturance.  I am not worthy of being cared for by others/the Universe

Resolved Self:

I am at home in the arms of the Great Mother.
The Universe cares for me. I am cared for by those who are capable of doing so


Noble Disguise:

Known for my bravery, I do and say things others are afraid to touch.

Noble distraction:

Watch my style not what I do. I am Solar! If my style does not shine like the Sun, nothing will convince me of its worth.
If I allow you to see anything about me, I must be certain you will be aware of my chosen status as representative of the life force.
I hold up a mirror to the Sun instead of feeling the Sun within.

Underlying fear:

I can’t be sure of my worthiness. quieter.

Resolved Self:

I am part of the great radiance We are all radiant Suns


Noble disguise:

I am “less” than others- I am smaller, less radiant.   It is not necessary for me to display my Self except as a reflection in my service to others.

Noble distraction:

I perform service in a Mercurial style. Would someone please interrupt me! Doesn’t anyone else need me more than I am needed here? I am only slightly better than a beginner. I can never fully help anyone because I am not good enough at my chosen form of service. The distracted field ambulance driver races from casualty to casualty, never completing the task because of the fear of poor performance.

Underlying fear:

I can’t do this well enough so I won’t focus on it. I can’t seem to organize all the strands of my life.

Resolved Self:

Order is a preexisting condition in the Universe. I align with the natural order; I need not create it from scratch.


Noble disguise:

I have patience, moldability and am willing to dedicate myself to beauty and harmony.

Noble distraction:

I vanquish unpleasant conflicts, to bring balance to the situation. I don’t want to go toofar in any direction. I constantly try to be fair and see both sides.

Is there some way I can take this conflict to another realm of justice? Could we talk about something else?
The Beauty way is the balanced way, but where does the point of balance lie?

Underlying fear:

I may be pushed too far out to be safe. I am taking up too much time/space.

Resolved Self:

Where there is beauty there is balance, but sometimes I have to walk out to meet that place of balance.
My full presence is essential to the Other


Noble disguise:

I wait in profound silence for others to notice the obvious.

Noble distraction:

I have an uncanny ability to get to the bottom of what others skate over.
There is always a deeper and darker reason for the appearance of all things.
I can’t look at what is before me, because that is not its true form. I may never be able to communicate what I find at these lower levels because other people seem to overlook so much of reality.

Underlying fear:

I am alone in a subterranean world.
I am truly empty- there is nothing beneath the passions, complexities- just an abyss.

Resolved Self:

I acknowledge and accept the whole spectrum of human experience. There is nothing to defend, protect or attack.


Noble disguise:

Let me show you the bright, the celestial side of this!

Noble distraction:

There is so much to explore and celebrate. I won’t have time for everything I want to do in this lifetime. I will sample what I can, and imagine the rest in a perfect universal order which only I know about.

Underlying fear:

I may be missing out on something important. I may be on the wrong spiritual track.

Resolved Self:

What ever I am doing right now is part of the great plan. My vision and goals include the Totality.


Noble disguise:

Why don’t you let me do that for you!

Noble distraction:

There is so much to be done and done well. Other people don’t seem to be able to do anything right and I have to do it for them. I see no reason for all this incompetence and I certainly start with myself in trying to stamp it out.
Even though I don’t work quickly, I work thoroughly and for some reason things just come out right.
And no, I can’t stop to meditate right now.

Underlying fear:

I may not be able to bear the burden of keeping chaos at bay.

Resolved Self:

Everything seems to be unfolding just as it should. I am bone in love with flesh.

Aquarius_svg Aquarius

 Noble disguise:

I’m just like everyone else, but with better suggestions for helping the situation.

Noble distraction:

Nothing should be accepted the way it is. There is no point in shoring up a rotting system. I’m sure with an entirely new approach to problems we can solve them. There’s no point in doing this over and over again. Let’s start anew.
I never feel as if I can get other people to see the obvious benefit of my approach, so I shall have to go it alone.

Underlying fear:

The voices I hear are not perceptible to anyone else.

Resolved Self:

I can find the balance between what I know and the universe knows. My uniqueness is assured. I need not re-create it


Noble Disguise:

You can count on me to always be there for you.

Noble distraction:

I may be over my head any moment now so I have to find dry ground to put my feet down. Things are falling apart around here, and I have to constantly work to save those in greatest danger even if it means that I sacrifice my own existence.
I hear such beautiful music, but am fearful that it is the sound of the dissolution and I will be sucked into the vortex. I will grab any straw that comes my way.

Underlying fear:

I do not exist.

Resolved Self:

I do not have to struggle to exist. I am what I am.
In the midst of Totality, I am not lost, but am found. My presence is clear.

Written  by Sarah Fuhro, inspired by a concept from Lynn McKenna.  Published in The Mountain Astrologer 2012
Lynn McKenna is a singer-songwriter, astrologer and psychotherapist LDMDERSTAR@aol.com
Sarah Fuhro is a professional astrologer and flower essence practitioner. http://www.starfloweralchemy.com.

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